The Question

Dear Gord,

Have you ever used (or would you be inclined to use) an app to keep track of your fishing experiences? I was looking at something like iSportsman Journal on iTunes, which says you can: "Mark your favorite hunting or fishing spot, and leave yourself notes to remember. Includes photo logging, GPS and current weather conditions."


Jon D

The Answer

I think I've tried just about every diary- and note-keeping device and technique known to man—both detailed hard copies and comprehensive electronic versions—but alas, I am a failure when it comes to recording all the information. I have not tried the iSportsman Journal app, though for 99 cents, what the heck, I will probably download it and add it to the list as well.

When I am fishing, I rely totally on GPS units (I have two of them permanently mounted in the boat) to store all of my waypoints and travel routes. I find these are the crucial pieces of information that I depend on. I also carry a portable handheld GPS unit when I am in the bush for marking my deer stands, and have a mount for it on both my 4x4 quad and my snow machine.

As long as I have my waypoints and travel information, I am totally happy and, to be honest, I've never felt "lost" without a bunch of recorded notes. In fact, I can remember most of my fishing and hunting statistics and key information so well, that it drives my wife crazy. I can tell her what lure I was using when I caught a big muskie on a particular structure 18 years ago, and the depth of the fish, but for the life of me, I can't remember if her birthday is on the 10th or the 11th. I guess I need an app for birthdays instead!

A friend,

Gord Pyzer
Fishing Editor