The Question

I recently bought an 1853 Enfield reproduction by Euroarms of Italy. I was told when I bought the gun to use 60 grains of ffg black powder. I shoot round balls .577 with patch and conical balls (mini). I have no idea of the velocity, energy, trajectory. Can you provide me with this information or a web site that has this information? I know that when you reload brass cartrigdes you can increase the powder charge very slowly and examine the primer to see if it is flattening for the maximum charge. Does anything like this exist for black powder? I am having a lot of fun shooting this gun but it has a trajectory like a rainbow. I would like to step up the charge.

The Answer

Unfortunately, I have no personal experience with loading this round or rifle, Bill. Here’s a couple of Web sites that might help: ... /index.htm ... 8487/pg_3/ ... /index.asp

Good luck, your reproduction represents a firearm with a storied history.