Great new optics for hunting in Canada’s wilds

Six exceptional scopes, spotting scopes, binos and trailcams

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Hunters trying to avoid spooking game when sneaking into their stand under the cover of darkness will appreciate this handheld thermal optic tracker from Leupold, which can detect heat sources out to 600 yards. This easy-to-use unit is equally valuable as an aid for tracking and recovering wounded game, and since it weighs less than 10 ounces, it’s convenient to carry.

Leupold, 1-800-538-7653;



With a trigger speed of 0.3 seconds and a detection range of 80 feet, this Moultrie trail cam promises not to miss out on capturing images of passing game. Able to shoot both video and still images, the unit features an infrared flash to avoid spooking animals at night. It also has mobile connectivity, enabling you to remotely access any captured images.

Moultrie, 1-800-653-3334;



Some have described the Victory SF from Zeiss as the best binoculars this iconic company has ever made, and that’s saying a lot. Designed with an emphasis on ergonomics, these binos are balanced back to ensure an easy bond with your eyes. Only minimal rotation of the focus wheel is required to lock onto your target, and the field of view is the best in its class. Both 8x42 and 10x42 models are available.

Zeiss, (416) 449-4660;



Featuring 8x zoom capability and an illuminated reticle on a 30-mm tube, Swarovski’s Z8i comes in four models: 1-8x34; 1.7-13.3x42 P; 2-16x50 P; and 2.3-18x56 P. At the press of a button, the proprietary Flexchange reticle facilitates switching from an illuminated centre dot to a dot with an illuminated ring around it. You can also add a ballistic ring that can be configured to your cartridge’s specific ballistics.

Swarovski, 1-800-426-3089;


Hunting editor Ken Bailey has an eye for the best new gear for Canadian hunters.




Let your eyes do the walking as you search for game with this 20-60x85 spotting scope from Burris. The angled eyepiece makes for comfortable viewing no matter how long it takes, while the HD apochromatic lenses ensure true colour and edge-to-edge resolution at all distances. And an optional fixed 30x wide-angle eyepiece provides broadened field of view for glassing wide-open vistas.

Stoeger Canada, 1-800-263-1945;



High-quality glass and extended-distance ranging are married in these 10x42 rangefinding binoculars from Vortex, making them a great option for hunting in open landscapes. Capable of ranging out to 1,600 yards, the scan mode lets you continuously identify distance as you pan, or track a moving target. And the right-side controls make this unit easy to operate with one hand.

Vortex, 1-866-343-0054;