Ice-fishing Friday: How to tease jumbo perch into biting
Feb 5, 2016
Gord Pyzer’s secret strategies for icing lock-jawed yellow perch
Ice Fishing
Western view: Why hunters are butting heads with Alberta over bighorns
Feb 4, 2016
Sheep strongly hunters oppose new regs based on “genetic harm” theory
Blue Fish Radio: Why Alberta ice anglers are risking manslaughter charges
Feb 3, 2016
Hear how lake aeration projects are causing a legal headache
How to hunt groundhogs—everything you need to know
Feb 2, 2016
In honour of Groundhog Day, a primer on hunting these prognosticating varmints
Small Game
Why you’ve go to try ice fishing at Ontario’s Mountain Lake
Feb 1, 2016
Lakers, whitefish and more on a pristine lake, just steps away from cozy cottages
Ice Fishing
How to cook rabbit like a Culinary Olympic gold medal-winning chef
Jan 31, 2016
Secret kitchen tricks from OC’s new wild food expert
On the Water Online
Ice-fishing Friday: The secret to icing reluctant walleyes
Jan 29, 2016
Are the big ones biting light? Turn ’em on with these never-miss teasing tactics
Ice Fishing
Straight shooter: Outdoor Canada's Dave Anderson appraises your rare firearms
Jan 28, 2016
Checking out a 19th century sporting rifle, a Perrins & Son shotgun, box of Meteor 12-gauge shells and a collectible Lee-Enfield
Why listening to your mom is the key to successful bowhuning
Jan 27, 2016
Perfect your posture, and you’ll ensure accurate shots afield
Learn how using sound and vibration can help you ice more big fish
Jan 25, 2016
Why the HydroWave Mini rings the dinner bell for hungry lunkers
Ice Fishing
How to start your snowmachine in the cold—every single time
Jan 24, 2016
These cold-weather tricks can save your fishing day... and maybe even your life
On the Water Online
Ice-fishing Friday: The only 4 northern pike presentations you’ll ever need
Jan 22, 2016
With these simple baits, lures and tactics, you can catch hardwater pike anytime and anywhere
Ice Fishing


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