4 steps for introducing your hunting pup to boats
Jul 28, 2015
Even natural water dogs need some help on their first cruise. Here’s how to keep Fido safe, calm and comfy
Uncommon Catches Week: How to sight-fish for carp on the fly
Jul 27, 2015
What you need to know about gear, flies and stalking these huge, wary and powerful fish
Fly Fishing
How to spend 19 days fishing a whitewater river—all by yourself
Jul 24, 2015
Essential tips to keep you safe, dry, warm and well-fed on the solo adventure of a lifetime
Manitoba fishing secrets from Don “Stickey” Stokotelny
Jul 23, 2015
8 awesome hot spots from the tackle store owner and tournament champ
Walleye fun in the summer time sun
Jul 22, 2015
Fishing is full of ironies, paradoxes and incongruities.   A good example is catching walleyes in the summer time when the fish are feeding at their most intense and aggressive pace of the year, eating up to three-percent of their body weight...
On the Water Online
9 reasons why you’ve got to visit Ontario’s spectacular Lake Temagami
Jul 22, 2015
Based in beautiful Finlayson Point Provincial Park, we check out the fishing, the scenery and some really, really big trees
Blue Fish Radio: What you need to know about the remarkable tilapia
Jul 22, 2015
Hear how one biologist turned this "miracle fish" into the world’s most popular table fish
6 fantastic fishing hot spots in Montreal and beyond
Jul 21, 2015
The owner of hunting and fishing specialist B & L Sports unveils a few of his "holes de honey"
Getting started in bowhunting? Here’s how to pick the perfect bow
Jul 20, 2015
Whether you favour compound, traditional or crossbow, the right bow makes all the difference
2015’s best new inflatable boats for anglers
Jul 17, 2015
These 7 portable, versatile and easy-to-use vessels are true fishing machines
Shotgun not on target? It may be the wrong right fit for your body
Jul 16, 2015
Why a properly fitted shotgun is critical, and how find the right one
Why fish limits are the most misunderstood topic in all of fishing
Jul 15, 2015
How resource managers set the rules, and why it’s always better to limit your catch, not catch your limit
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