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Shorts and Sandals Bowhunting
Jul 3, 2016
Bowfishing requires you to hunt around shallow waters blending in with tall grasses and weeds.
How to bowhunt for big boars late in the spring season
Jun 4, 2016
Boone and Crocket-calibre bears don't come easy—the bowhunter must be ready at all times.
How to make bear baiting worth the work
May 1, 2016
Bear baiting properly requires a lot of time and effort, but offers great rewards
Must-know setup for arrowing a turkey
Apr 16, 2016
Knowing where, when and why turkeys strut their stuff, and how to call 'em in will increase your chances
Must-know bear-baiting preparation for bowhunters
Apr 3, 2016
Few activities are as rewarding as observing wild bruins up close in their natural surroundings deep in the woods. Successful boar bowhunting is about two things: preparation and patience
What every bowhunter should be doing in March
Mar 6, 2016
If you want to shoot straight on opening day, now is the time tune up your bow
Five foolproof ways to shoot straighter
Feb 7, 2016
To shoot effectively, archers must keep several main muscle groups healthy and strong
5 Huge Crossbow Advantages
Jan 3, 2016
Crossbows allow bowhunters to head afield sooner and more often, bowhunt longer in colder temperatures and shoot tighter groups
Baby Steps Bowhunting
Dec 27, 2015
Introducing youth to bowhunting means learning ethics, responsibility, respect, and...
3-D archery for off-season bowhunting practice
Dec 20, 2015
A great way to have fun, while sharpening your skills
5 things you must do before bowhunting
Dec 13, 2015
Effective bowhunting requires preparation, including setting up for any ambush, call or bush push.
Four things you must know to bowhunt from a blind
Dec 6, 2015
Is your set-up getting busted? Here's how to stay hidden
10 awesome bowhunter gifts—all under $10
Nov 30, 2015
Gifts giving bowhunters an edge doesn't have to cost a bundle
How to pick the right crossbow arrow for any scenario
Nov 26, 2015
Making the wrong choice can mean a missed shot… or worse
Bolting gophers: A great way to practice stalking, patience and shooting
Jul 7, 2015
Summer bowhunting for small game has non-stop action, and is a fun way to stay sharp in the off-season
3 steps for arrowing a baited bruin
Jun 30, 2015
To harvest a black bear with primitive hunting equipment like a crossbow, preparation is key
Must-know crossbow safety and maintenance
Jun 16, 2015
Avoid accidents and gear failure with these safety and maintenance tips for every crossbow hunter
Coyotes and calling
Feb 3, 2015
I mentioned it last month and I’ll say it again: The wind is a hunter’s best friend and worst enemy, potentially all in the same minute. Wind direction and velocity can change quickly and it just takes one gust from...
Cold-Weather Hunting
Jan 7, 2015
If you’re into deer hunting you’ll likely want to hunt the rut, which occurs in mid-November. This also means cold temperatures – sometimes very cold. Crossbow hunting in these conditions is still possible, but taking a few precautions with equipment...
Up High Hunting
Dec 12, 2014
The wind is a hunter’s best friend and worst enemy, potentially all in the same minute. Wind direction and velocity can change quickly and it just takes one gust from the wrong direction to foil a plan that had been...
Pop-up Blind Ambushing
Nov 7, 2014
I started crossbow hunting because I thought I could extend my range on white-tailed deer shots. Turns out I was mistaken. Modern compounds are capable of shooting just as far and packing just as much punch to put down a...
Get Ready For Opening Day
Oct 17, 2014
It’s once a year, it’s longed for and the anticipation building up to it can make even the most experienced sportsman feel anxious. It’s opening day. There is much to do before then, and hunting with a crossbow is no...
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