Christening OC’s new Alumacraft Trophy 195 LE

A good day of bassin’ (if you’re named Sandra), plus some pro advice

OC’s summer fishing season got underway recently, with the inaugural fishing trip on our new ride for 2015: the Alumacraft Trophy 195 LE. For more on Alumacraft and its line of fishing machines, please click here.

It was a beautiful day on the water, and our new boat performed flawlessly. And even though we had four anglers aboard—editor Patrick Walsh, managing editor Bob Sexton, art director Sandra Cheung and myself—we had plenty of fishing space. We did not, however have plenty of fish... unless your name was Sandra. Drop-shotting on various shoals around the south side of the lake, Sandra kicked out collective butts, catching more and bigger bass than the three of us fellas combined (below).

vertScott Gardner

Over the weekend, I mentioned Sandra’s success to fishing editor Gord Pyzer in an e-mail and he replied:

“Very cool. I was chatting with a guide friend the other day, and he mentioned how often the women in the parties he takes out catch the biggest and the most fish.

“I think it is because guys always feel they have to jig, twitch and move their lures, whereas the gals don’t overwork them so much.”

This is not the first time Gord has mentioned to me that he thinks 90% of anglers overwork their baits, so I will take that advice to heart as I ply my local waters this summer. Five-pound bass look out!

Now take it away, Robert Earl Keen...