Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan

The new year started off with the unimaginable...
We took our boys out Jan 1st to Last Mountain Lake in hopes of getting on the evening Walleye bite. Well that is an understatement to say the least.
As the sun sank lower in the frigid Saskatchewan sky and the moon began to rise, the Last Mountain gold began to shine!
Fish on! And big, fat, beautiful fish!
I couldn’t have imagined what was going to happen next as both Billy and Nixon (with the initial help from their dads) hooked into 11+ pound Hogs basically at the same time and reeled them in side by side!
Well, 10 minutes later it was Camden’s turn as he set into an 8lb 5oz beauty to complete the 3 boys biggest Walleyes of their lives.

Our boys have been fishing together for a few years now and they always have a great time being competitive with each other even at 6 years old (Billy and Nixon) and Camden at 9 years old. The smiles say it all, and for us proud dads it was an evening that will go down in history and never be forgotten! Such an unreal time.

Story written by Stacy Hastings, submitted by Mark Anderson. In the photo from left to right are: Mark Anderson, Billy Anderson, Stacy Hastings, and Nixon Hastings.