Apologies for the sparse blogging of late—I've been busy on deadline with my editorial team putting the final touches on Outdoor Canada's Hunting 2011 annual. It goes to press this week, and it's a fantastic issue. Some of the highlights? A roundup of 13 hunts of a lifetime, 75 expert tips for pursuing trophy whitetail bucks, an extensive seven-part gun guide, and how-to advice on gunning for grouse, choosing a hunting partner and finding late-season moose. And yes, there's much more.

At any rate, in between proofing and finalizing pages over this past weekend, I squeezed in a few hours to put Outdoor Canada's logo and Web address on our new Outdoor Canada boat, a Harbercraft Discovery 1925. And just tonight, my fishing buddy Billy Shields and I popped the boat into Lake Simcoe to snap a few photos (for my editorial note in the Hunting issue). Here's one of my favourite shots. Looking good, eh? If you fish the waters of southern Ontario, watch for us out and about over the coming months, and please pull up, say hi and check out our sweet new ride.

Now, to get this Hunting issue out the door so we can hit the water for a bit of fishing!