Best line for bait casting
Mar 25, 2011
Dear Gord, I recently received a baitcasting reel as a gift. Until now I've used spinning reels with light hooks and a minnow to jig for walleye. Can you give me some direction on how to use a baitcaster for my...
Filling your tag before December 10th
Nov 16, 2011
Hi Ken, I'm hunting for whitetail deer in B.C. What region or area gives me the best chance of filling my tag before December 10, 2011? I'm a mule deer hunter new to whitetail hunting. Thanks, Chris Vancouver, B.C. Historically the densest populations of white-tailed...
Why would a bull elk answer a cow moose call?
Oct 26, 2011
Dear Ken, Why would a bull elk answer a cow moose call during the moose season in north-central B.C.? It has happened twice recently with a mature bull elk bugling all the way in to the cow moose caller! Thanks, Ron Laviolette Winnipeg, Manitoba Elk...
Powerful and small bow for deer hunting
Oct 26, 2011
Dear Ken, I am looking for a powerful, yet very small bow for deer hunting. Any suggestions? Sincerely, Marlene Moyer Niagara Region, Ontario It will come as no surprise that for many years compound bows were designed specifically with men in mind (I assume you...
Best rifle scope for big game
Oct 4, 2011
Dear Ken, I recently purchased a Remington 700 XCR Tactical Long Range Bolt Action Rifle in .300 Win Mag. I'm now looking for an appropriate scope. I was checking out the Zeiss Conquest Rifle scope, but with the different reticles offered...
Longest moose shot
Sep 28, 2011
Dear Ken, I hunt moose with a Remington .30-06 using 180-grain bullets. The moose I've taken have all been within 80 yards, but now I'm hunting in a new spot. What is the longest shot I should take in this situation?
Camo recommendations
Sep 1, 2011
Dear Ken, I am planning to purchase some camo for this upcoming deer season in northern Saskatchewan. What should I be looking for, and are there any particular brands that you recommend? Sincerely, Cameron Nash Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan Selecting appropriate camo means thinking about where,
Jigging for lakers
Jul 13, 2011
Dear Gord, My son and I are going fishing in Frontenac Provincial Park this July. We'll be catching smallies, lake trout and brook trout from a canoe. I'm pretty confident about the bass, but I have never really fished trout before.
New walleye techniques
May 6, 2011
Dear Gord, For a few years now I have been fishing for walleye in the South Saskatchewan River, mostly from shore, using a basic pickerel rig. It seems to work OK, but I would like to try some different techniques.
February Goose Hunt
Mar 22, 2011
I'm thinking of going for a late goose hunt but not sure where the best area is. Any help would be appreciated so I can look for landowner permission. Hello, As you didn't specify what type of geese you're after or where...
Cleaning a Browning BPS Hunter
Mar 22, 2011
I received my first gun ever for Christmas this year--a 12 ga. Browning BPS Hunter with a walnut stock and a matte (or satin) finish on it. I've used the gun on some targets and so far I think it's...
Grayling fishing in the Yukon
Mar 22, 2011
I have recently been blessed with the opportunity to move to Whitehorse. I have two young girls aged five and eight and would like to take them fishing for grayling. Actually I already took them to the Takini River, but it...
Fishing the Niagara Gorge
Mar 22, 2011
Could you give me tips on how to fish the Niagara river properly from shore? I've heard of people bottom bouncing and also float fishing. Any clues as to what kind of tackle I need to buy and what bait...
1853 Enfield Reproduction
Mar 22, 2011
I recently bought an 1853 Enfield reproduction by Euroarms of Italy. I was told when I bought the gun to use 60 grains of ffg black powder. I shoot round balls .577 with patch and conical balls (mini). I have...
Salmon on the Saugeen River
Mar 22, 2011
I have planned a trip in September to fish for salmon on the Saugeen River in Southampton. My problem is that none of my fishing buddies know this area and the camp owner is not a fisherman! Could you slip...
Peacock Bass tackle
Mar 22, 2011
Hello: Going fishing on the Amazon in Brazil for Peacock Bass what type of tackle do you suggest water condition a bit low? Hi Austin. I haven't fished for peacocks yet - we had a trip to the Amazon planned for last...
Marble Arms Gamegetter
Mar 22, 2011
I inherited a Marble Arms Gamegetter rifle from my father and would like to sell the gun. the barrel of the gun is 17 7/8 inches long. I thought the gun was chrome but have been told it is nickel.
Fishing in Ontario
Mar 22, 2011
In recent issues of Outdoor Canada there have been reference to several lakes that I am not fully familiar with. I was wondering if there is a Web site or government agency from which I would be able to obtain...
Sighting a rifle
Mar 22, 2011
I shoot at a rifle range that's set up in metres, not yards. How will this affect me when sighting in a rifle? If a scope is dead on at 100 yards, it won't be at 100 metres. The difference between...
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