Ahhh, the familiar sights of spring—the birds are back, the buds are growing and the bears are getting their heads stuck in jars. Hold on. What? Yup, that was the case on Easter Sunday in Lively, Ontario. Around 5:30 A.M., a local resident called police to report a bear with its head stuck in a large plastic jar that had been used to store birdseed. 

According to a release from the Greater/Grand Sudbury Police, “Officers attended on scene and were able to locate the bear which was unable to remove the jar from its head.  It continued to wander around walking into a variety of objects including a police cruiser.”

Police then called the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, which dispatched a bear technician, Brent MacDonald, to assess the situation. MacDonald tranquilized the bear, and using a Leatherman tool and some help from one of the police officers, managed to cut off the jar. 

The bear was then relocated, free to get its head stuck in another jar next spring.

To listen to a CBC radio story on the hungry, and unlucky bear, click here.