Lake Simcoe can be tough to fish at the best of times, but with a stiff north wind it’s challenging to the say the least. Boat control on the electric can be difficult, and getting from spot to spot on the big motor is not my idea of fun—you either pound over and through the swells and whitecaps or dog it along at a painfully slow pace.

That’s pretty much how the conditions have been the past week or so, forcing my co-anglers and me to fish the canes on the lee side of Georgina Island. Sure, there are none of Simcoe’s legendary smallmouth bass to be found there, but largemouths abound, some topping three pounds (see photo at top left for the types of fish, both large and small, you can expect). Plus, the area is largely sheltered from that darn north wind.

On Thursday, I’m hoping for a decided lack of wind so Rapala Canada’s Advertising and Creative Director, Tom McMurray, and I can get on the smallies and try out some of his company’s latest and greatest tackle. I heard the south side of Thorah Island is fishing well, but if you have any tips to share on where to go, I'm all ears! At any rate, stay tuned for an update on that outing. In the meantime, here are some pics from my last two fishing adventures on Lake Simcoe aboard the Outdoor Canada boat.

Outdoor Canada's Art Director, Sandra Cheung, and one of her bass on our staff outing last Thursday
My fishing buddy Philip Allison joined me yesterday for a long weekend outing on Lake Simcoe
Yours truly live releasing one of the little fellas from our staff outing on Lake Simcoe last Thursday
These are the calibre of bass you can expect to coax out of the skinny water on the south side of Lake Simcoe's Georgina Island