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5 turkey hang-up cures
Feb 27, 2012
How to get tardy toms on the moveā€”and into range
5 key strategies for bagging canvasback ducks
Sep 12, 2013
Canvasback ducks are big and fast. Here's what you need to know to get in on this challenging hunt
How to stay on target when turkey hunting
Apr 15, 2013
By sighting-in and patterning your shotgun, you'll never miss a turkey again
How to hunt turkeys like a World Slam veteran
Mar 11, 2013
By her own admission, Bobcaygeon, Ontario’s Desiree Garland is obsessed...
A buyer's guide: How to find the perfect waterfowl shotgun
Feb 20, 2013
Go shotgun shopping to get excited about waterfowling during the off-season
Best of Trophy Wall: Turkey
Nov 19, 2012
Top turkey pics from our collection of Trophy Wall shots
How to hunt late-season waterfowl
Nov 13, 2012
Despite frigid temperatures and tough conditions, diehard waterfowlers hunt to the bitter end. Late in the season, duck and geese have been hunted for months, making them a challenging quarry. While the hunting certainly doesn't get any easier when the...
Where to hunt turkey in Ontario
Oct 5, 2012
With the fall turkey hunt introduced to Ontario only four years ago, you may be wondering where to go. For some of the best places in the province to hunt autumn turkeys, check out the locations below. And because these spring...
The yuck factor: Birds
Oct 1, 2012
What you should know about these parasites and diseases commonly found in birds
25 tactics for tricking autumn turkeys
Sep 27, 2012
To mark the silver anniversary of the return of Ontario's wild turkey hunt, we've put together 25 tried-and-true tactics for getting autumn turkeys
The late shift
Sep 20, 2012
For some of the best Canada goose hunts, late afternoon is the ideal time to head out
How habitat loss is killing the sage grouse
Aug 7, 2012
Find out why the last of the sage grouse is headed the way of the dodo
How to choose the right turkey call
May 2, 2012
To lure in spring toms, you need to know your calls
4 ways to get close to turkeys
Mar 27, 2012
When a turkey won't come to you, it's time to go to him. Here's how
Hunting snow geese in April
Feb 21, 2012
My first experiences with snow geese were all in...
Hunting turkeys in May
Feb 21, 2012
I was never able to grasp the hold that...
How to hunt late-season ducks
Dec 13, 2011
By the time duck season starts to wind down, mallards...
Top 5 goose-hunting secrets
Nov 23, 2011
To find the best ways to limit out on Canada geese, we asked the country's top hunters to share their tips
Hunting late-season ruffed grouse
Nov 9, 2011
Don't put your gun away yet. Some of the season's best ruffed grouse hunting is yet to come
11 tips for hunting ruffed grouse
Oct 13, 2011
Are ruffies putting your wingshooting skills to shame? Here's how to improve
6 fall turkey-hunting tips
Oct 4, 2011
Forget your spring tom strategies. For fall gobblers & hens, you need new strategies
Sea ducks in February
Sep 15, 2011
Best in: New Brunswick If you can put up with...
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