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4 duck hunting tricks
Oct 3, 2006
Some simple strategies for getting more birds in your game bag
All about duck-tolling retrievers
Sep 3, 2006
Our chat with Nova Scotian trainer, Andy Wallace, on tollers
Afternoon turkey hunting
May 1, 2006
To find out what hunters need to know—and do differently—when...
Test your turkey smarts
Apr 30, 2006
A refresher quiz for all you turkey hunters & tom-chasing wannabes
Tips for hunting ducks and geese
Aug 15, 2004
An associate of mine and his hunting partner are newcomers...
Bird-hunting without a dog
Oct 4, 2003
Even without a four-legged partner, you can still flush upland birds. Here's how
5 steps for hunting snow geese
Aug 15, 2002
Millions of lesser snow geese cloud the flyways, but the hunt isn't easy. For guaranteed success, you need to get your decoy spreads just right
Hunting sandhill cranes
Nov 1, 2001
Looking for a unique Canuck hunt? Give sandhill cranes a try
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