Blue Fish Radio: Bass Nation's award-winning Pledge to Pitch conservation program
Jul 18, 2018
Why safely disposing of soft-plastic fishing lures is a critical—and growing—issue
Why these hot, humid dog days of summer actually mean great fishing
Jul 10, 2018
Bass, walleye, northern pike, perch and crappies love the stifling heat—if you know how to find 'em
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Blue Fish Radio: How the heck does a blind angler catch fish?
Jul 4, 2018
Host Lawrence Gunther—North America’s only blind pro angler—shares his fishing secrets
National Fishing Week - Join The Tradition
Jun 29, 2018
I was doing my weekly Fish Talk With The Doc segment on the Outdoor Journal Radio Show with Angelo Viola a couple of weeks ago on Father's Day weekend, and out of the blue Ang asked if I was doing...
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Blue Fish Radio: What the US can teach us about managing recreational fisheries
Jun 20, 2018
New law takes scientific approach to conserve sportfishing in saltwater
Night and day changes
Jun 16, 2018
So much of what we do when we enjoy a successful day of fishing is instinctive and intuitive. I always think it is important, too, that we don't over think or complicate a problem, when the solution is often staring...
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Heating up the action: How water temperature upsets the walleye apple cart
Jun 9, 2018
The day you stop learning about fishing is the day you start falling behind, and last Saturday was a walleye lesson for the ages on Falcon Lake, Manitoba
Blue Fish Radio: TV journalist Craig Oliver interviews Lawrence Gunther
Jun 6, 2018
Our host is on the other side of the mic, in an appearance on AMI TV’s Challenges and Change
Blue Fish Radio: What it's really like to run a fishing and hunting lodge
May 23, 2018
Matthew Owl on the challenges and rewards of revitalizing the indigenous-owned Ritchie Falls Resort
Dating your line: How to keep track of how old the fishing line is on each of your reels
May 19, 2018
Use this trick and you'll never forget when it's time to replace your line
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The evil eye: Can fish stick their heads out of the water and size up the situation?
May 9, 2018
Some expert anglers and scientists think savvy fish really can see you, and react to the danger
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Blue Fish Radio: Spring bear hunting tips from guide Kyla Lee Owl
May 9, 2018
Also: Why this bowhunter and outfitter says women make the best big-game hunters
Don't' be fooled by fish colouration
Apr 30, 2018
Gord Pyzer explains why some species show such remarkable variation in colours and patterns
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Blue Fish Radio: Why your fishing tackle needs to be the right size
Apr 25, 2018
Correctly sized tackle helps you catch (and safely release) more fish, and have more fun, too
Why sometimes the best fishing strategy is to just be yourself
Apr 21, 2018
Exclusive video: Gord Pyzer says you can never go wrong by leading with your angling strength
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Blue Fish Radio: Why shorelines are better for your kids than playgrounds
Apr 11, 2018
Celebrated early-childhood educator says lakes and rivers engage and educate kids
Product review: Rapala Concept Multiplier Ice Reel
Apr 7, 2018
We overuse the term "game changer" to describe fishing products, but this is one
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Down by the River: A book you're going to want to read to your children
Mar 30, 2018
When my daughters were young I wish I could have read them books like this delightful fishing story
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Blue Fish Radio: What you learn about fishing—and life—in 72 years of guiding
Mar 28, 2018
Frank Kuiack shares tips from his extraordinary outdoor life (and reveals his favourite lake in Algonquin Park)
Sometimes ice-fishing for walleye on Lake Winnipeg can be stranger than fiction
Mar 20, 2018
When the massive, greedy greenbacks come calling, some wild things can happen
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Blue Fish Radio: Why wetlands are still the best protection against rising waters
Mar 14, 2018
Engineer explains how creating and sustaining wetlands may prevent future Great Lakes flooding
Gord Pyzer's Celebrity Chef-winning recipe: Decadent Almond-Crusted Walleye
Mar 8, 2018
At last week’s Mid-Canada Boat Show, judges were blown away by this simple, sumptuous fish dish
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