The Question

Dear Ken,

I am planning to purchase some camo for this upcoming deer season in northern Saskatchewan. What should I be looking for, and are there any particular brands that you recommend?


Cameron Nash

Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

The Answer

Selecting appropriate camo means thinking about where, when and how you’ll be hunting, before considering specific brands or patterns. In northern Saskatchewan I expect you’re dealing with lots of cold weather, so if you’re going to be stand hunting, you’ll want clothing that is well-insulated and exceptionally warm. If still-hunting or tracking, meaning you’ll be moving more, you can get by with a mid-weight outer layer and additional layers underneath. This gives you more flexibility, since on warmer days, you can wear mid-weight camo without the base or mid-layers.

Look for a fabric that is quiet, and clothing that has the technical features you want. I prefer bibs to regular pants for hunting in cold weather, as they keep the small of my back much warmer when I’m sitting. Also think about whether you’ll need waterproof gear or not. Do you want or need a hood? Do you want zippered legs, so that you can pull your pants on or off over boots? Are pockets important to you, and if so how many and where? When considering pockets, think about the gear you’ll want easy access to, for example, a grunt tube.

Today there are lots of excellent manufacturers on the market, meaning lots of choices. Once you know the features you want, look to see who’s manufacturing clothes with those features in a camo pattern that will work. Are you going to want a snow camo pattern or a woods pattern? Both could be useful in your area, depending when you’ll be hunting. I have several sets of camo for different times of the season and conditions. I use camo clothing made by Rocky, Sitka Gear, Browning and Alberta’s own Raven Wear. All meet certain needs perfectly, though there are many other excellent manufacturers on the market.

Good hunting,

Ken Bailey