The Question

I received my first gun ever for Christmas this year--a 12 ga. Browning BPS Hunter with a walnut stock and a matte (or satin) finish on it. I've used the gun on some targets and so far I think it's amazing. However, when it comes to cleaning, is it safe to use regular gun oil on that kind of finish?

The Answer

Regular gun oil is not intended to be used on your shotgun's stock, and can do damage to the wood if used over a long period. There are a number of products on the market developed specifically for stock wood, many of which have a linseed oil base. Your local gun shop will undoubtedly have several options. A damp cloth to clean off dirt and grime after the hunt will actually take care of most of your day to day stock maintenance needs. By the way, for a first gun you've got a beauty. The BPS is my personal favourite pump shotgun and will serve you reliably for a lifetime if you take care of it.

Ken Bailey

Hunting Editor