Rod Safe Storage Case

Constructed of moulded ABS plastic, Frabill’s light yet sturdy Rod Safe Storage Case is lined with egg carton-shaped foam padding to keep up to eight ice rod-and-reel combos firmly and safely in place—even in extreme conditions.

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Used primarily as a trolling spoon, the Dartee is also effective for jigging for trout, especially through the ice. Available in three sizes, it now comes in three new colours: gold, black/chartreuse and gold/orange.

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Rapala’s Sherpa pop-up portable ice shacks are available in two, three- and six-man models. Lightweight and durable, with reinforced corners and tie-down points, the Sherpa goes up in 60 seconds. The oversized windows provide great lighting, but they can also be shut for stealth presentations.

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Elite Ice Tech Rod

Ice anglers who hate taping their 
reel to their rod will like the twist-lock reel seat with stainless steel hood on Fenwick’s Elite Tech Ice Rod. It also boasts stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts, which cut down on the overall weight, and a more durable handle with improved grip.

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Trilene lines

Low-stretch and sensitive, Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Ice is virtually invisible, making it great for line-shy fish. It comes in 75-yard spools in one- to six-pound-test. Then there’s the improved version of Trilene’s Cold Weather fluorescent clear blue line, which promises to be as flexible at 0ºC as regular mono is at room temperature. Finally, Trilene’s Micro Ice line is now available in the vibrant Solar colour, making it visible in any weather condition.

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Alaska Pro Gloves

Waterproof and breathable, Alaska Pro Gloves have 60 grams of Thinsulate insulation to keep your fingers warm and nimble. Comfortable and durable, they also feature a leather palm for a good grip.

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With an eight-inch LCD screen, the LX-7 features a circular flasher, traditional graph display and digital “dashboard” showing depth, range, sensitivity and more. And it’s fast, promising to match the real-time response of a flasher.

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