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Found: Signs of hope for Pacific salmon
Mar 30, 2009
Since last year, renowned B.C. science writer Terry Glavin has been preparing a major report for Outdoor Canada magazine on the state of the West Coast’s wild Pacific salmon. Due out in our forthcoming April issue, Glavin’s piece illustrates...
Ottawa River, good. See fish. Don’t pollute
Mar 29, 2009
This is just a wee shout out to the forum users on (“home of the world’s largest fishing tournament”). Nice board you have there. To clarify one thing, though. It seems Freshwaterphil and a few others didn’t see the...
Jolly good news about Outdoor Canada
Mar 28, 2009
Since Outdoor Canada magazine always writes about other folks in the outdoors, from outfitters to conservationists to gear makers, it’s always a kick when we get a nod from other outdoor media. But we were especially chuffed...
Mercer to offer a Sunday night fishing fix
Mar 27, 2009
Is fishing funnyman Dave Mercer the heir apparent to Bob Izumi as Canada’s top TV angling personality? A little fishy tells me Mercer’s Facts of Fishing The Show is now second only to Izumi’s Real Fishing in terms...
Spurned outdoors show opts for new digs
Mar 25, 2009
It would appear Toronto Mayor David Miller has shot himself in the foot by giving the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show grief over its hunting content. In large part due to Miller’s policy forbidding anything to do with guns on city...
Harper plays to Ontario’s anglers & hunters
Mar 22, 2009
First, he warmed them up with a joke: “I’m living proof there’s a big difference between fishing and catching.” Then he played to their emotions: “You are living the example of early Canadian life.” And with that,
When guns and politics don’t mix
Mar 20, 2009
This must have Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a stew about his scheduled speech tomorrow night at the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters’ annual awards banquet in Mississauga, Ontario. The Toronto Star reports today that federal Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz...
Trophy heaven for buck hunters at Bass Pro
Mar 17, 2009
Deer hunters visiting Bass Pro Shops in Vaughan, Ontario, this Friday through Sunday are in for a big treat: a selection of the retail giant’s massive collection of some 200 monster buck mounts will be on display...
Outdoor Canada to hit the small screen
Mar 13, 2009
The World Fishing Network’s Mark Melnyk took his Reel Road Trip show to Kenora, Ontario, earlier this winter to go ice fishing on Lake of the Woods with—who else?—Outdoor Canada’s very own Fishing Editor, Gord Pyzer. Along with one of Gord’s...
Want to help B.C.’s steelhead? Get tying
Mar 11, 2009
If you enjoy steelheading, or fishing for any anadromous species for that matter, it’s great to know that people such as April Vokey are working on your behalf to help improve these vital fisheries. Vokey recently launched...
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