The Question

In recent issues of Outdoor Canada there have been reference to several lakes that I am not fully familiar with. I was wondering if there is a Web site or government agency from which I would be able to obtain information and directions to where these lakes are located.

The Answer

Hi Ken,

With all the thousands of lakes here in Ontario, there certainly are some amazing fishing opportunities. To track down some of the places you've read about in Outdoor Canada, why not start by going to the online atlas hosted on the Natural Resources Canada Web site? You can search for a particular lake and zoom in on the area, They're topo maps but will give you an idea of the area you're dealing with.

Once you know that, you could consult the Ministry of Natural Resources official road map at

You also want to look through the Ontario Fishing Regulations, which has maps of the different Fisheries Management Zones. ... index.html

Hope those Web resources help. And good luck out there.


Bob Sexton

Associate Editor