Attention turkey hunters of Ontario: it’s lookin’ good. The season doesn’t start until April 27, but already the toms are a courtin’—and coming in hot. Case in point: this past Saturday, a randy tom crashed through the living room window of the Moore family’s home in Richmond, Ontario, near Ottawa.

Seems the hormone-charged gobbler followed a hen into the backyard, then became distracted by—and foolishly jealous over—his own reflection in the window. Much breaking of glass and shrieking of Easter weekend guests ensued, as the big bird spent the next 20 minutes rampaging through the family room.

Luckily, according to CBC TV News, neighbour Dave Glithero, an experienced turkey hunter, came to the rescue. Since turkey season has yet to arrive in Ontario, however, Glithero had to rely on a decidedly non-fatal method of subduing the wild bird. His weapon of choice? A big salmon net. Yet another reason why it’s always a good idea to keep us anglers and hunters around.