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The simple, easy way to repair soft-plastic baits

The amazing Mend-It

This remarkable new product is perfect for gluing grubs, worms and swimbaits back together

I don’t know about you, but Murphy—you know, Murphy’s Law—is with me almost every time I go fishing.

Just the other day, for example, I was ice fishing on Lake of the Woods, which is one million acres in size, has 14,000 islands and 64,000 miles of shoreline. I dropped my favourite pair of Cuda pliers on the ice after I unhooked a fish and wouldn’t you know it, they fell straight down the hole. I mean, I couldn’t have dropped them down any better if I had aimed to do it. Actually, I am certain Murphy kicked them down the hole.

Many times, too, in the summer when I am fishing for smallmouth bass or walleyes and cycling through a slew of soft plastics baits, you can be sure the only ones the fish want are the ones of which I only have a single bag. I’ll have ten dozen bags of other different coloured stick worms, for example, but, no, the bass only want the three smoke coloured ones that I have remaining.

Well, have I got a surprise for old Murphy and it is called Mend-It. The stuff is dirt cheap and it is amazing, letting you repair your soft plastic baits back to pristine condition.

In fact, Mend-It is the same catalyst / glue that many soft plastic bait companies use to attach the eyes to their swimbaits.

And while it is a “super glue” is not Super Glue per se, which is good because you can wash your hands with it (though I wouldn’t recommend it) and your fingers won’t stick. And when you mend your soft plastics back to “like new” condition, you’ll discover there is never a hard scar where you applied the glue. In fact, you’ll have a tough time even finding the original tear or rip.

Indeed, watch this short video that I put together the other day when I was mending a bunch of soft plastic baits that I had leftover from the summer and you’ll see how slick this stuff really is.

It is called Mend-It and it works.

Gord Pyzer

Gord Pyzer

Fishing Editor Gord Pyzer is widely regarded as Canada's most scientific angler. Known in fishing circles as Doctor Pyzer, he worked for 30 years as a senior manager with Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources before devoting all his energies to fishing. A member of the Canadian Angler Hall of Fame, the award-winning writer is also an internationally sought out speaker, tournament angler and field editor with In-Fisherman Magazine and Television. As well, he co-hosts the Real Fishing Radio Show with Bob Izumi. Catch Gord on the Outdoor Journal Radio Show live every Saturday morning 8:05AM EST. If you're in southern Ontario, tune your radio to Sportsnet 590 The FAN AM or visit and listen live online.