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Bass potpourri
Aug 5, 2009
With bass season in full swing these days, there’s plenty of chatter, tidbits and interesting info about all things large- and smallmouth on the Web these days. Here are a few of the most compelling items to cross my...
Crossbow course
Oct 22, 2009
Could this be the future of hunting and gun safety courses in Canada? Nova Scoita’s Department of Natural Resources has introduced an online certified crossbow hunter course—the first such program in the country (see the new release here).
Map quest
Oct 16, 2009
For anglers who fish unfamiliar waters, a good lake map is a handy tool. And an online site for finding those maps is just about as helpful. So if you’re searching the Web for lake maps, you’ll undoubtedly...
Fish ‘n music
Sep 3, 2009
Like music as much as fishing? Then you’re sure to be interested in The Swim Drink Fish Music Club, a music Web site developed by environmental group Lake Ontario Waterkeeper to raise money to “fight for swimable, drinkable, fishable water...
Online ballistics
Aug 26, 2009
Hunters out there who are accuracy junkies are sure to appreciate the latest online ballistics calculator. Winchester Ammunition launched its new, free Ammunition Ballistics Calculator about a month ago. It allows users to choose their type of ammo and...
Crasher squirrel
Aug 17, 2009
Okay, so there’s no hunting season in Alberta’s Banff National Park, but I thought you might still be interested in this curious photo, currently doing a viral world wide web tour. The ground squirrel popped into the...
Duck poachers sentenced
Aug 11, 2009
Talk about swift justice. Within three weeks of posting a despicable video on YouTube titled “Duck Hunt” that featured three men blasting away at sitting ducks from a car (mentioned in this space yesterday and last week), the trio responsible...
Duck poachers caught
Aug 10, 2009
You’ve either been on the water or in the gun range 24-7 for the last week or so if you didn’t hear about the trio of Canadian yahoos who went on a duckling shooting rampage (from a car no...
Hunting poachers
Aug 4, 2009
A number of Canadian internet hunting forums are abuzz over a video posted on YouTube recently (then subsequently removed and reposted by a concerned citizen), which depicts a couple of yahoos shooting what appear to be pellet guns...
Big catch
Jul 31, 2009
While pro anglers Ken and Steve Ballan didn’t win the big prize at last weekend’s Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship, the duo came away from the tourney with by far the biggest catch—a moose calf. The brothers, along with Kent’s wife...
The Angler’s Atlas
Jul 30, 2009
It’s a bold claim: free maps of more than 90,000 Canadian waterbodies. But one that’s sure to interest avid anglers. Having operated as a regional website for years covering B.C. and Alberta, The Angler’s Atlas has recently expanded its reach...
Warming trends
Jul 28, 2009
Despite a cooler and wetter than normal summer, at least here in southern Ontario, there continue to be regular reports of the impact of global climate change on game species in Canada’s Far North. For instance, just...
Pop piscatorial quiz
Jul 27, 2009
Are you smarter than a fifth-grade angler? You can test your knowledge of angling in Alberta by taking the new fishing quiz online at The quiz is primarily aimed at kids ages 15 and under, who, if they...
Big fish
Jul 4, 2009
Anglers aspiring to best Lloyd Bull’s 72-pound world-record lake trout caught in Great Bear Lake, N.W.T. in 1995 take note: last Friday, July 17, Deline, N.W.T., resident George Kenny netted an 83-pound laker. This according to a story...
Fishin’ for dollars
Jun 29, 2009
Word is starting to circulate of the relatively big money being made by a couple of Canadian anglers from, which bills itself as “home of the world’s largest fishing tournament.” Manitoba’s Aaron Wiebe and Ontario’s Greg Amiel...
Gearing up for a great cause
Jun 26, 2009
Here’s a hot tip for hunters starting to gear up for the fall: The International Hunter Education Association Foundation is having a fundraising sale of Columbia Sportswear outdoor clothing on its website. Selected styles and sizes of discontinued Columbia...
Tackling tackle
Jun 12, 2009
If you’re an angling gearhead, you’re sure to appreciate the website. Billing itself as “The Angler’s source for tackle news and reviews,” the site boasts features on new rods, reels, lines, lures, terminal tackle, tools, storage, watercraft,
Fishing on Twitter
Jun 8, 2009
Most modern anglers and hunters are technologically savvy, particularly when it comes to gadgets such as fishfinders and GPS units. So, I suppose, it’s hardly surprising that a raft of famous Canadian anglers, have joined the ranks of...
The sounds of success
Jun 5, 2009
One of my favourite lures is the Mepps Aglia in-line spinner. So I was intrigued to stumble upon digital recordings of the sound of several Mepps spinners as they’re retrieved on the Mepps website. There are sound files of the...
Facebook time
May 29, 2009
You netizens out there who are Facebook users may want to check out Canadian show Outdoor Quest TV’s new Facebook group. T.J. Schwanky, an Outdoor Canada field editor and one of the show’s co-hosts, promises weekly updates from...
Hunting online
May 27, 2009
If you’re a hunter who likes to get a little off-season action playing hunting video games—or if you’re just a fan of hunting video games—you may be interested in checking out the new free online game “The Hunter.”...
Fly Fishing Canada
May 25, 2009
Fly Fishing Canada, the not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting fly fishing in the country, has relaunched it’s website. Along with information on the group’s history and the competitions it organizes—primarily the annual National Fly Fishing Championships—the...
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