Ken Bailey

Based in Edmonton, Outdoor Canada's longtime hunting editor Ken Bailey has hunted every major Canadian game animal, in every corner of the country. For many years, he’s shared his deep knowledge of game behaviour, and wide expertise with all manner of firearms with OC's readers. His work has been recognized numerous times by both the Outdoor Writers of Canada and the National Magazine Awards. Ken is a committed conservationist, dedicated to habitat preservation, sustainable harvests, and passing along our hunting heritage to the next generation. He's also an avid fly fisherman, and a pretty darn good game chef.

Recent Posts

Hunting ruffed grouse in December
Oct 31, 2007
Ruffed grouse, or ruffies as they’re affectionately known, are truly...
Moose hunting in October
Aug 31, 2007
Where to go and what to do to get a trophy bull in Newfoundland
Big Game
7 ways to make one shot count
Aug 15, 2007
Help make sure your one shot is the right shot, especially with top targets
Big Game
Choosing the right rifle calibre
May 1, 2007
When it comes to hunting big game in Canada, is there just one rifle calibre that can do it all?
Choosing the right hunting knife
Apr 5, 2007
The very first hunting knife I ever bought was a beauty. It was 10 1/2 inches long, complete with a six-inch blade, an ebony-coloured phenolic handle and a black leather sheath. All in all, it was a very...
Rabbit hunting basics
Dec 16, 2006
Learn more about the challenge of hunting rabbits
Small Game
Lessons in deer hunting
Nov 2, 2006
Tips and tricks on scouting, rattling, decoys, calls and more
Big Game
4 duck hunting tricks
Oct 3, 2006
Some simple strategies for getting more birds in your game bag
5 tips for hunting bull moose
Oct 1, 2006
Hunting bull moose after the rut? Well, put away those calls. To bag your moose you'll have to go to him. Here's how
Big Game
The lever-action rifle
Mar 24, 2006
You'll find them waiting patiently in the darkest recesses...
How to hunt pronghorn antelope
Mar 4, 2006
The unique pronghorn makes for one of the continent's most remarkable hunts
Big Game
Tips for hunting ducks and geese
Aug 15, 2004
An associate of mine and his hunting partner are newcomers...
Going on a guided hunt
May 7, 2004
Even when you pay for a hunt, you still need to pull your weight
Reducing recoil problems
Mar 2, 2004
There's no escaping the impact of recoil and its influence...
Bird-hunting without a dog
Oct 4, 2003
Even without a four-legged partner, you can still flush upland birds. Here's how
Buying a used gun
Oct 1, 2003
With more and more used shotguns and rifles on the market these days, hunters are increasingly looking to second-hand firearms when buying a gun. As with any significant purchase, however, you need to do your homework before plonking down the...
Preventative gun maintenance
Apr 1, 2002
How a bit of firearm first-aid can save your hunt
Keep a hunting journal
Mar 1, 2002
One simple way hunters can improve their odds is to...
Hunting sandhill cranes
Nov 1, 2001
Looking for a unique Canuck hunt? Give sandhill cranes a try
Pick the right calibre for the hunt
Nov 1, 2001
For specific game and terrain, you can find just the right calibre to get the job done right
Bullet impact
Oct 1, 2001
The right bullet to bring down your game of choice
Improve your rattling technique
Oct 1, 2001
Although I've rattled as part of my whitetail-hunting routine for...
Big Game
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