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The pros and cons of fast bows
Mar 31, 2011
Today's bows shoot faster than ever. Is that a good thing?
Maintaining your bow
Mar 29, 2011
To bowhunt with confidence, always make sure your gear is in top condition
5 ways to maximize hunting time
Mar 18, 2011
It's hard to find the time to head afield. Follow these simple tips and you'll be out there more than ever.
How to fish shallow-water pike
Mar 15, 2011
Tips on finding and catching monster northerns in skinny water
Tips & Tactics
How to get late-season geese
Nov 12, 2010
Late-season geese are challenging, as any experienced waterfowl enthusiast can...
Making your best bowshot
Nov 12, 2010
About five years ago during a spring hunt, when my...
Top bowhunting gear 2010
Oct 8, 2010
From bows to blades to backstops, we've made a list of the best archery gear around
Drunken Duck Skewers
Aug 26, 2009
When it comes to wild game, the barbecue certainly isn’t just for the likes of venison steaks. Here’s a great way to also capture the wonderful taste of duck cooked on the grill. Serves: 6 6 wooden skewers 8 boneless, skinless duck breasts 1/4...
Practising your shots
Aug 5, 2009
There's a big difference between practising at the range and taking a shot during an actual hunt
Ice-out upkeep
Mar 14, 2009
With a little care and preventive maintenance, your high-tech equipment will last many seasons
Blueberry Bourbon Venison
Jul 2, 2008
You can slice your venison loin into 1- to 1½-inch steaks for this recipe, but I prefer to cook it whole. Not only does this hold the juices better, it also makes for a more flavourful result. Serves: 4 2-3 lb venison...
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