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How salmon anglers are being sidelined on B.C.'s Fraser River
Apr 4, 2018
DFO must find a way to honour Aboriginal culture while ensuring other Canadians can enjoy the resource
Canada at 150: Hunting and fishing have changed a lot, but the adventure continues
Sep 4, 2017
How our hard-won conservation ethic is preserving fish and game for future generations
An affectionate homage to the humble Canadian boat trailer
Jul 17, 2017
For getting anglers to the fish, it’s where the rubber meets the road
Why Canadians are so passionate about hitting the hardwater
Dec 23, 2016
In the dead of winter, there’s still plenty of life below the ice
Ice Fishing
An homage to adventure: Why we need to take risks and test ourselves
Aug 1, 2016
For anglers and hunters, nothing beats the challenges of the great outdoors
The Williams Wabler: Putting fish in the boat for 100 years
Mar 25, 2016
An homage to one of the all-time great Canadian lures
Walleye tournament tricks
May 5, 2014
For a successful walleye opener, this father-daughter fishing duo sticks to a winning formula
Tips & Tactics
Delta Marsh
Sep 18, 2012
Every fall, tens of thousands of waterfowl funnel through the Delta Marsh
Hot Spots
How to land a float plane
Jun 8, 2011
Follow these 8 steps to get yourself back on the water in an emergency
The perfect shorelunch kit
Jul 15, 2009
Keep this kit at the ready & you'll always have everything you need for a proper shorelunch
Tips & Tactics
DIY Venison Jerky
Jul 6, 2008
On a cold autumn day out deer hunting, there’s nothing better to keep your motor running than an occasional bite of high-energy food. And while peanuts, chocolate and other snack foods can do the job, there’s a certain poetic justice...
How to make fire the old-fashioned way
Jul 1, 2003
Maybe you're out of matches, or perhaps they got soaked in the rain. Either way, it doesn't hurt to know how to start a fire without them.
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