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  Despite growing up in southern Ontario, Outdoor Canada associate editor Scott Gardner is happiest when he's on the water or surrounded by trees, preferably out of cell phone range. His particular areas of interest include fly fishing and tying, kayak angling, camping, and urban fisheries.   As a full-time professional writer since 2000, before he joined Outdoor Canada in 2010, Scott covered a variety of fields including technology, hospitality, and entertainment . He's also won two KRW awards (from the Canadian Business Press); a silver for news reporting, and a gold for feature writing.

Recent Posts

Coming out of the fly-fishing closet: Sometimes I troll flies, and it's great
Jul 23, 2018
Trolling is fun, effective and has a place in fly fishing. Here’s what you need to know
Fly Fishing
How to do the Belgian (aka oval) cast for heavy flies
Jul 19, 2018
The simple-to-learn technique for chucking weighted rigs or meat-locker flies
9 great reasons to visit (and fish!) Charleston Lake
Jul 16, 2018
Provincial park in southeastern Ontario has multi-species fishing and impressive amenities
2018's best new rainwear for Canadian outdoor adventurers
Jun 29, 2018
High-tech apparel to save your day, even when a hard rain’s a-gonna fall
Why Guatemala is the #1 place in the world for Canadian anglers to catch a billfish
May 30, 2018
Friendly folks, perfect weather and so many sailfish you can even land ’em on a fly rod
5 essential tackle tune-ups to avoid early-season fly-fishing disasters
May 17, 2018
Easy hacks to get your gear in top working order—before it’s too late
Fly Fishing
Why the NWT's Great Slave Lake is heaven for trout anglers
May 4, 2018
This giant lake in Canada’s Far North offers stunning scenery, surprisingly affordable access and endless fish
Tackle Week 2018: The best new fishing accessories and apparel for women
Apr 20, 2018
Hard-core gear that’s functional and fashionable, including waders, shades, shirts, bags and even a skort
Why hunters and anglers need to check out Yellowknife's exceptional museum
Apr 3, 2018
On your N.W.T. adventure, make time for the Northern Heritage Centre (also, it’s free!)
How to keep your fly line in peak casting condition
Mar 29, 2018
Modern lines are marvels of precision engineering, but they need a little love
Beyond belief in Belize: The wild true tale of a bucket-list tropical adventure
Mar 5, 2018
For an amazing winter getaway, this tiny Caribbean nation promises exciting angling and exotic fish
The best fly most Canadian anglers have never heard of
Feb 27, 2018
The Peanut Butter is a revolutionary saltwater streamer—and it’s just as lethal in freshwater lakes
Fly Fishing
TV's Dave Mercer inducted into Canadian Angler Hall of Fame
Feb 15, 2018
Canada’s fishing funnyman has won international accolades as an angling ambassador, educator and entertainer
4 steps to find the perfect outfitter for your angling adventure
Jan 24, 2018
For a great fishing trip, do your homework, ask questions, spend wisely and listen to your gut
Ice-fishing Friday: 2018's best new hardwater electronics
Dec 22, 2017
7 cool new flashers, graphs and cameras to help you put more fish on the ice
9 reasons why Canadian anglers will love fishing in Belize
Dec 21, 2017
This tiny (and English speaking!) tropical nation has unbelievable fishing, affordable lodgings and friendly folk
Ice-fishing Friday: Why getting ready for the hardwater season is part of the fun
Dec 15, 2017
One angler’s homage to December evenings spent taping his ice outfits together
Ice Fishing
How to land big, strong fish without breaking your fly rod
Dec 12, 2017
For fighting heavyweights on the fly, take this advice from the corner
Fly Fishing
How to tie the Peanut Butter fly: Expert tips and video
Dec 3, 2017
Tying this lethal streamer isn’t hard, but you need to know a few tricks
Fly Fishing
9 awesome new knives for Canadian big-game hunters
Nov 15, 2017
This hunting season, stay on the cutting edge with these bad-ass blades
4 simple—but incredibly effective—lessons we can learn from saltwater fly anglers
Oct 26, 2017
When fly-fishing lakes and rivers, try these tactics perfected by our saltwater friends
Fly Fishing
2017's best new hunting footwear for wetlands, woods, fields and mountains
Sep 29, 2017
These 8 boots were made for hunting—and keeping your feet comfy
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