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  Despite growing up in southern Ontario, Outdoor Canada associate editor Scott Gardner is happiest when he's on the water or surrounded by trees, preferably out of cell phone range. His particular areas of interest include fly fishing and tying, kayak angling, camping, and urban fisheries.   As a full-time professional writer since 2000, before he joined Outdoor Canada in 2010, Scott covered a variety of fields including technology, hospitality, and entertainment . He's also won two KRW awards (from the Canadian Business Press); a silver for news reporting, and a gold for feature writing.

Recent Posts

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Jun 20, 2016
Some places have big northerns, some have lots of them, but Cree River Lodge has both
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May 19, 2016
When you’re tackling toothy critters, tough wire tippets are crucial
Fly Fishing
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May 13, 2016
Sharp shades to help you catch more fish (and look good while you're doin’ it)
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May 10, 2016
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May 4, 2016
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Apr 30, 2016
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Apr 25, 2016
This East Coast jokester is serious about his fishing. Here are his favourite waters
Musician Clifton Murray’s favourite West Coast salmon and steelhead rivers
Apr 18, 2016
Murray is one-fourth of pop-classical group The Tenors, but he’s 100% angler
How 40 minutes a week can make you an excellent fly caster
Apr 14, 2016
Hit the lawn to work on skills and run these drills—you’ll be shocked by your improvement
Fly Fishing
Canadian country superstar Paul Brandt shares his top fishing spots
Apr 11, 2016
Alberta’s homegrown hitmaker is also a demon angler—and he sure knows his fly fishing
Knots to know when fly-fishing for pike
Mar 30, 2016
Instructions for the paired uni-knot, non-slip mono loop and more
The Fishin' Musicians: 74 fishing hot spots
Mar 28, 2016
Our super-group of acclaimed Canadian recording artists share their 74 favourite fishing spots
10 painful lessons I learned on my first B.C. steelhead trip
Mar 26, 2016
On the Gold River, the learning curve is just part of the adventure
Why the Azores are so amazing, I (almost) didn't mind getting skunked
Mar 13, 2016
These remote, magical Portuguese islands are one of the world’s top big-game destinations...usually
How to catch fish in Florida: A guide for visiting Canadians
Feb 29, 2016
Visiting the Sunshine State? Check out this primer on fishing fun, from charters to DIY action
Lake Obakamiga: Where even the greenest tenderfeet can catch 100 fish
Feb 24, 2016
How a city slicker and a youthful tenderfoot became wilderness masters at Buck Lake Lodge
7 easy-to-tie flies that will catch fish anywhere in Canada
Feb 22, 2016
These fundamental flies practically guarantee fish—even for novice anglers
Fly Fishing
Winter getaway: A family fishing adventure in Myrtle Beach
Feb 10, 2016
A popular destination for winter-weary Canucks, this seaside city also has great angling action
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