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2018's best new fishing boats for Canadian anglers
Jun 18, 2018
From fibreglass speedsters to aluminum workhorses, our roundup of all-new fishing boats has the water covered
2018 Father's Day Gift Guide: Great goodies for outdoorsy dads
Jun 16, 2018
Everything Dad needs for hunting, fishing and making the outdoor memories of a lifetime
5 of Western Canada's most naturally spectacular fishing hot spots
Jun 14, 2018
Trout, pike and walleye destinations with incredible vistas, unique geography and amazing wildlife
4 stellar spring fish photos by Outdoor Canada readers
May 29, 2018
From Labrador’s interior to alpine Alberta lakes, readers are landing—and shooting—some pretty cool catches
4 notable new numbers about fishing and hunting in Canada
May 28, 2018
From 284.2 million to 18—outdoorsfolk need to know about these stunning statistics
3 great Canadian early-season fishing and hunting trips
May 22, 2018
Hit the road for colossal St. Lawrence carp, trophy Manitoba trout and an awesome Alberta snow goose hunt
2018's best new gear for Canadian turkey hunters
May 14, 2018
Gun for gobblers with the latest shotguns, loads, calls, decoys and other accessories
2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide: Gear for fishing and hunting moms!
May 12, 2018
Check out this outstanding outdoor gear, with 11 awesome ideas for adventurous moms
3 of the most naturally beautiful places to fish in British Columbia
May 7, 2018
Wet a line while marvelling at marine wildlife, ancient trees and a desert playground
Even more fantastic new outdoor accessories for 2018
May 3, 2018
Check this cool kayak box, cold keeper, super sealer and stillwater rower
Why underwater cameras are your next great trolling tool
Apr 24, 2018
Watching fish actually strike your bait is incredibly informative (and entertaining!) Here’s how to do it
2018’s best new trucks and SUVs for Canadian anglers and hunters
Apr 9, 2018
10 new vehicles to get you into the beyond—and back again—in comfort, safety and style
4 fantastic fish photos snapped by Outdoor Canada readers
Mar 29, 2018
Celebrating the outdoors with wild walleye, pugnacious pike and 3-year-old Bo’s bruiser bass
Canada's 19 most beautiful and awe-inspiring fishing hot spots
Mar 28, 2018
From unique landscapes to marine wonderlands, these are the top spots to fish among Canada’s awesome natural wonders
2018's top new fishing tackle
Mar 27, 2018
Boss baits, rockin’ rods, cutting-edge electronics and much more—the latest and greatest fishing gear for the year ahead
3 thrilling Canadian fishing getaways to check out in 2018
Mar 23, 2018
Monstrous Ontario muskies, sassy Nova Scotia shad and (almost) urban Edmonton rainbows
4 fantastic new facts about fishing and hunting in Canada
Mar 19, 2018
From 6 to 435,000—current numbers that outdoorsfolk need to know
4 wild winter fishing and hunting photos by Outdoor Canada readers
Feb 7, 2018
From Ontario walleye to B.C. bucks, these hardy souls are making the most of the season
Even more cool new outdoor gear for the winter of 2018
Feb 5, 2018
Outdoor adventurers will appreciate this frame-worthy fish, cultural cookbook, second skin and beefy blade
Ice-fishing Friday: 2018's hottest new gear for hardwater anglers
Jan 19, 2018
12 top-notch new rods, reels, lures, augers, shelters, accessories and much more
Ice Fishing
3 hot (and cool!) winter fishing and hunting getaways
Jan 16, 2018
Best bets for beautiful backcountry trout, cattle-country coyotes and Manitoba’s monster lakers and pike
4 fast facts about Canadian fishing and hunting
Jan 15, 2018
From 9 to 90,000—notable new numbers Canuck anglers and hunters should know about
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