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Best fishing times
May 5, 2011
Planning a fishing trip? Use our handy search tool to...
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The new Outdoor Canada Monthly
May 3, 2011
Hello from Outdoor Canada, and welcome to our revamped newsletter. We hope you like the fresh look, designed to bring you the latest in hunting and fishing, and match our new website. Speaking of our new site, check it out!
3 unique trout species
Mar 23, 2011
What's your favourite trout? That most likely depends on what's swimming in your own backyard. For most Canadian anglers, the answers no doubt revolve around brookies, browns, lakers and rainbows. Fine fish all, for sure. But if...
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4 wild game Christmas dinners
Dec 12, 2010
It's time to enjoy what you worked so hard for this season in a grand Christmas feast. Here are some of our favourite recipes for getting the most of your game. Still have wild turkey in the freezer? Try one of...
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