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Going off-road? You need to know this great trick for getting unstuck
Jun 28, 2018
How to MacGyver yourself out of the muck with just wood and a ratchet strap
3 reasons why bowhunters need to stop thinking like rifle hunters
Dec 5, 2017
To arrow big game, archers need a fresh perspective to calling, stalking and ambushing
How to make sure you arrow a whitetail from your treestand this season
Oct 13, 2017
What you need to know about gear, safety, set-ups, tactics and the mental game
4 spring bear behaviours, and how hunters can take advantage
May 18, 2017
For success with big boars, you need to read their moods. Here’s how
How to preapre your trophy black bear so it will make a beautiful rug
Nov 16, 2016
A step-by-step primer—with instructional photos—showing how to perfectly field-skin a big bruin
Big Game
Bull moose hanging up? Try using a life-sized cow decoy
Oct 14, 2016
Everything you need to know about luring in lusty bulls with a counterfeit cow
Big Game
Getting started in bowhunting? Here’s how to pick the perfect bow
Jul 20, 2015
Whether you favour compound, traditional or crossbow, the right bow makes all the difference
Coyotes and calling
Feb 3, 2015
I mentioned it last month and I’ll say it again: The wind is a hunter’s best friend and worst enemy, potentially all in the same minute. Wind direction and velocity can change quickly and it just takes one gust from...
Cold-Weather Hunting
Jan 7, 2015
If you’re into deer hunting you’ll likely want to hunt the rut, which occurs in mid-November. This also means cold temperatures – sometimes very cold. Crossbow hunting in these conditions is still possible, but taking a few precautions with equipment...
Up High Hunting
Dec 12, 2014
The wind is a hunter’s best friend and worst enemy, potentially all in the same minute. Wind direction and velocity can change quickly and it just takes one gust from the wrong direction to foil a plan that had been...
5 expert tips for bear hunting over bait
Nov 26, 2014
To get your boar over a barrel, you need to understand location, set-up, stand placement, bait and timing
Pop-up Blind Ambushing
Nov 7, 2014
I started crossbow hunting because I thought I could extend my range on white-tailed deer shots. Turns out I was mistaken. Modern compounds are capable of shooting just as far and packing just as much punch to put down a...
Get Ready For Opening Day
Oct 17, 2014
It’s once a year, it’s longed for and the anticipation building up to it can make even the most experienced sportsman feel anxious. It’s opening day. There is much to do before then, and hunting with a crossbow is no...
Three hunting getaways
Sep 23, 2014
A trio of hunting spots to try in Quebec, Alberta and Ontario.
Hot Spots
Crossbow Anatomy
Sep 10, 2014
It’s a gun. No, it’s a bow. No wait, it’s something in between… A cross-gun! I mean, a crossbow. They feel more like a gun than a bow when you shoot them, but they are called crossbows. However, their range...
Welcome to the Canadian Bowhunter blog
Jul 30, 2014
I started hunting at an early age; and like many, my father taught me. Grouse hunting with the .22-calibre long rifle was my first step towards becoming the outdoor professional I am today. I still remember the first time my...
A fun way to sharpen your archery skills in winter
Dec 9, 2013
The wait between fall hunting seasons is a long time to go without shooting your bow—especially when you want to keep your skills sharp. So, what to do? Try your hand at an indoor 3-D archery competition. A welcome change...
How to pursue big-game hunting's Super Slam
Oct 2, 2013
The youngest hunter to ever complete the Super Slam of North American Big Game shares some advice
How to hunt giant carp with a bow & arrow
Jul 2, 2013
Expert advice to help you get in on the bowfishing action
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