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4 expert tips for kennel training your hunting dog
Mar 22, 2017
How to make life on the road—and at home—more enjoyable for both you and your dog
How to keep your gun dog in shape this winter
Feb 21, 2017
These workouts will keep your pooch (and you) lean and keen
Winter adventure: Taking advantage of a surprise elk hunt
Feb 9, 2017
How one Saskatchewan hunter extended his season, and helped control a problem elk population
Big Game
3 ways to keep your aging dog in top hunting shape
Jan 5, 2017
Older dogs may lose a step, but they can still be excellent hunting pals
Need help tracking downed game? Ask your dog!
Nov 3, 2016
What you need to know to start turning your pooch into a blood-tracker
Big Game
3 key steps for training your upland flushing dog
Sep 15, 2016
Turn Fido into a flushing machine with these feather-finding tips
How to keep your pooch safe during the dog days of summer
Jul 5, 2016
With a fur coat and no ability to sweat, your dog needs some hot-weather help
5 fantastic new hunting accessories for your gundog
May 24, 2016
Great gear to keep your pooch happy, safe and helpful while you’re afield together
4 tips to transform your dog into a shed hunter
Apr 28, 2016
How searching for antler sheds can keep your dog fit, and make Fido a better hunter
What you need to know before fixing your hunting dog
Mar 29, 2016
Do you spay or neuter? And when? The experts’ answers may surprise you
How to Get Started in Hunting
Dec 16, 2015
6 steps all new hunters should take to find success in the field
How to train your dog to find wounded birds
Nov 17, 2015
Make sure your pup can find the scent when it really counts
Feeding your gundog: Are you doing it right?
Sep 22, 2015
Hardworking hunting dogs need the right fuel for heading afield
4 steps for introducing your hunting pup to boats
Jul 28, 2015
Even natural water dogs need some help on their first cruise. Here’s how to keep Fido safe, calm and comfy
How to keep your dog safe in the springtime
May 20, 2015
Beware these 4 hazards that can mean a trip to the vet—or worse
4 great tips for introducing your pup to gunfire
Mar 23, 2015
With proper conditioning, Fido will beg to head afield at the mere sight of a shotgun
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