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How one Canadian hunting guide helped a TV crew get their must-have moose—and the footage
Oct 23, 2017
When you’re filming a hunting show in the remote northern wilds, failure is not an option
Hunting ptarmigan in winter: The 5 things you need to know
Mar 2, 2017
How to venture north for willow ptarmigan—some of the best wingshooting in Canada
Pro tips to make the most of your barren-ground caribou hunt
Dec 6, 2016
A biologist and veteran guide shares his advice for judging and hunting big-racked bulls
Big Game
Are you ready for Ontario's most challenging winter duck hunt?
Nov 25, 2016
Hunting longtail sea ducks means cold, wind and waves. Here’s what you need to know
How to do a fly-in trophy moose hunt on a DIY budget
Oct 29, 2015
Resourceful? Self-reliant? Follow these tips for the far-north trip of a lifetime
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