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Summer walleye secret: How to find every fish in the lake
Aug 5, 2016
In this classic video tip, Gord Pyzer explains how to find hot-weather walleye, and the bait you need to catch ’em
The topwater bass technique the pros don’t want you to know
Aug 4, 2016
In this video, Gord Pyzer reveals a trick for fishing soft-plastic stickbaits—on the surface!
Leapin' lizards: How to keep a jumping fish on the line
Jul 9, 2016
In this video blog, Gord Pyzer explains how to land a leaper
Celebrate National Fishing Week with this rod and reel giveaway
Jun 23, 2016
Also, hear how Canada's awesome fishing could solve all the world's problems
DaVinci Code Bucketmouths
Jun 22, 2016
One of the most challenging periods of the bass fishing season for many anglers is the post spawn phase that we're now entering. It is a time of major change when the males, in particular, are vacating their parental...
Toothy Critter Time On Top
Jun 6, 2016
It is that time of the year again, when anglers who chase big toothy critters walk around with perpetual smiles on their faces.  The muskie season is opening up across the country, as we speak, and anglers who are fishing for...
The real truth about black spot disease, and how it affects fish
May 26, 2016
It's common across North America, and the science behind it is amazing
Early-season walleye tricks from a top fishing guide
May 21, 2016
When Ontario guide Taro Murata absolutely has to put clients on walleye, here's how he does it
Would you rather be a Canadian or an American Smallmouth Bass?
May 11, 2016
U.S. smallies live hot and fast, while our bass live life at a slow burn. Find out why it matters
Video tip: Land more lunkers by learning how to read a fish's body language
May 5, 2016
When you spot a fish in the shallows, its behavior tells you how to catch it. Find out how
Why this champion angler says seeing is believing
Apr 21, 2016
Legendary Canadian tournament pro Dave Chong's secret fishing weapon: polarized shades
Excel Bucket Caddy: Love at first sight
Mar 25, 2016
I am not usually impulsive.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I can't pass by anything that looks new and exciting and fishing /  hunting related, without playing with it like a kid.  Sometimes the product pans out as advertised and sometimes...
Why confidence in your lure is more important than its colour
Mar 17, 2016
Are these huge Manitoba walleyes colour-blind? Nope. They just don’t care about lure colour
Why Canadian families who fish together could end up doing time together
Mar 8, 2016
New private member’s bill boosting animal rights could criminalize fishing and hunting
Making winter lemonade: Multi-species magic during the February doldrums
Feb 29, 2016
When the mid-season ice-fishing gets tough, it’s time to get a little creative
The BaitCloud breakthrough: A new way to up your ice fishing odds
Feb 22, 2016
This unusual attractant may be the year’s best new hardwater bait
How to cook rabbit like a Culinary Olympic gold medal-winning chef
Jan 31, 2016
Secret kitchen tricks from OC’s new wild food expert
How to snare snowshoe rabbits in the winter
Jan 6, 2016
When it's taking forever for the lakes to freeze, enjoy winter by bringing home fresh rabbit
Why you need to think from the fish's point of view
Dec 15, 2015
In this video, Gord Pyzer explains that when fish adapt to local conditions, anglers need to as well
How to sharpen your knife like a pro
Nov 24, 2015
A video tutorial from angler, hunter, chef and new Outdoor Canada food guy Cameron Tait
Embracing Canada's extraordinary fall stocked trout fishing
Nov 19, 2015
Many regions have extended seasons for stockers. Here are some tips
Fall crappies: Triple your catch with the "five-per cent solution"
Nov 12, 2015
Make this simple mod to your crappie jigs, and you'll hook every fish
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