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Who owns the fish?
May 27, 2013
Usually the letters I receive are, well, "happy ones," from keen anglers wanting to talk about a recent fishing experience, share a big fish photo, or discuss a new technique. But there are exceptions. Case in point: Buddy Bob Izumi...
The differences between Canadian and European anglers
Jun 26, 2013
Well, I am dragging my butt today after spending 24 hours in trains, planes and automobiles yesterday on my way home from Vienna, Austria where I spent the three previous days attending the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition. EFTTEX, as...
The best way to "match the hatch"
Jun 26, 2013
When anglers aren't sure what lure, fly or bait to use, one of the most commonly offered pieces of fishing advice, for newcomers and experts alike, is to "match the hatch." In other words, to pick a lure that closely approximates...
Fishing for walleye in cold water
May 20, 2013
How to change your tactics according to a later than average spring
The best brown trout fishing on Earth
May 13, 2013
Gord Pyzer shares why fishing brown trout in Australia should make it on your bucket list
Time to "bulk up" for walleyes
May 8, 2013
With walleye season open across the country, fishing editor Gord Pyzer shares some secrets for bringing in trophies
A spring prescription for panfish
Apr 24, 2013
Fishing editor Gord Pyzer advises taking a day off in spring to fish for panfish. Here's why
A sad day for bass
Apr 18, 2013
Fishing editor Gord Pyzer explores the negative effects of government proposal for managing bass in Northwestern Ontario
The lowdown on leadcore
Mar 28, 2013
Top angler Mark Stiffel shares how to determine the amount of line to let out when trolling with leadcore
Quick strike rigs for trout and chumming for fish in the winter
Mar 18, 2013
Fishing editor Gord Pyzer answers some readers' questions about using dead baits and quick strike rigs
Gord's Mediterranean Walleye Supreme
Mar 6, 2013
Get the recipe for fishing editor Gord Pyzer's award-winning Mediterranean walleye
Punching through the weeds with Ultra Tungsten skirted punch weights
Feb 27, 2013
Using new, skirted punch weights developed Ultra Tungsten
Micro worms for macro trout
Feb 21, 2013
Fishing editor Gord Pyzer talks micro baits with the maker of Smokin' Jigz
Trolling without downriggers
Sep 14, 2012
Don't want to buy downriggers and special rods for trolling? Here are some other options to try
Good things happen to good fisherman
Aug 31, 2012
After donating to the Saskatchewan Fish and Wildlife Foundation, a couple of men catch one trophy walleye after another.
Largemouth Bass meet The Stanley Cup
Aug 21, 2012
NHL player Mike Richards brings the Cup to his cottage on Lake of the Woods.
The new normal
Aug 7, 2012
What this summer's weather conditions have taught us about fishing
Using artificials when fishing for walleye
Jul 23, 2012
Shocking to some, Gord Pyzer rarely, if ever, uses live bait while fishing for walleye. Find out why
Is there a Doc in the house?
Jul 9, 2012
Fishing editor Gord Pyzer gets himself hooked—a few times—and shares his best solution to this painful predicament
Fishing the conditions
Jun 25, 2012
The warmer than normal water temperatures this spring mean mid-summer fishing tactics for the bass opener in Ontario
What fish you should hold onto and how to keep them fresh
Jun 18, 2012
What fish you should hold onto and how to keep them fresh
Great fishing photos from friends
Jun 1, 2012
Gord shares some of the many photos that have been passed along from friends who fish across the globe.
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