And the winner of the 2013 Great Boat Giveway is……….Dennis Sudac of Hamilton, Ontario.

In mid-August, we used a random number generator to pull Dennis’ details from a digital hat with 7,146 entries inside. Less than a month later, he and his son Christian were on their way to Advanced Small Engines & Marine in Fergus, Ontario, to meet Outdoor Canada’s managing editor, Bob Sexton, and pick up their prize.

And what did they win? A brand new 14-foot riveted Alumacraft Sierra 1436 LT jon boat, with a five horsepower Mercury outboard and ShoreLand’r trailer.

As he and Christian donned their Outdoor Canada caps to pose for photos, Dennis said that he had already planned a fishing trip to Honey Harbour the following weekend. A longtime angler, and novice duck hunter, he says he fishes for “just about anything that swims.”

Dennis and Christian Lucky winners: Dennis Sudac and his 8-year-old son, Christian

The boat’s motor had already been gassed up and tested by the service manager at Advanced Small Engine and Marine, the distributor for Alumacraft in the region. Vernon, B.C.-based WestWinn Group represents Alumacraft in Canada and is also the manufacturer and distributor of KingFisher, supplier of Outdoor Canada’s fishing boat.

While Dennis and Advanced's owner Steve VanLeeuwen checked the trailer’s lights and hooked on the tie-downs, Christian jumped in the front of the boat, claiming his spot on what will certainly be many fun fishing and hunting trips to come. “Bob, I have one question for you,” he said, “Will you come fishing with us?”

Now, that’s the outdoor spirit! Good luck on the water, guys.

Dennis and Christian in boat Fishing father and son: Dennis and Christian can't wait to hit the water with their new boat