Venison Vegetable Soup
Nov 27, 2012
A hearty and delicious meal to warm you up after a winter hunt
Pike Fingers
Jul 3, 2013
This appetizer is sure to be a hit around the patio this summer
Mediterranean Salad
Jun 14, 2013
The perfect side to a fresh walleye dinner. 1/2 cup freshly...
Mediterranean Walleye Supreme
Jun 14, 2013
Impress your guests with the best fresh walleye dinner ever
Asian Steamed Walleye
May 1, 2013
Impart tantalizing tastes on your next walleye dinner by using a bamboo steamer
Mustard-Glazed Salmon
Feb 28, 2013
Try this fancy French flourish for a feast of grilled fish
Venison Meatloaf
Jan 4, 2013
Drapped in a zesty grape tomato sauce, this tasty meatloaf...
Top 5 venison recipes
Dec 6, 2012
From stew to roasts and jerky, here are five excellent ways to serve deer. Jerk Venison StewIf you like spicy food, Jamaican jerk seasoning is sure to put a tasty, fresh spin on your repertoire of venison dishes, whether you’re...
Our 3 best waterfowl recipes
Dec 6, 2012
A great alternative to the traditional turkey during the holidays, these waterfowl recipes are sure to impress your guests. Seared Duck with Bourbon & DillThis is a great sit-down starter for a duck or goose stir-fry. 2 duck breasts (or goose), skinless Salt...
3 great grouse recipes
Dec 5, 2012
Not much needs to be done to grouse to bring out its wonderful, natural flavour. That's why, despite being delicious, these recipes are all fairly simple to make. Grouse KebabsCubes of ruffed grouse breast skewered along with grape tomatoes, mushrooms...
Moose stir fry
Nov 1, 2012
This delicious stir fry made with moose is low in fat
Bear Roast
Oct 29, 2012
Looking for an easy, no-fail basic recipe for a black bear roast? Try this delicious recipe
Have a wild Thanksgiving
Sep 24, 2012
Looking for an alternative to the traditional roast turkey? Or perhaps you need a way to make that tough, wild turkey turn melt-in-your-mouth tender. Just in time for Thanksgiving, we've rounded up our top wild turkey recipes for you to...
Thai Duck
Sep 12, 2012
Switch things up this fall with a taste of southeast Asia
Spicy Grilled Salmon
Jun 20, 2012
It's all about the sauce with this easy-to-prepare fish dish
Cornmeal Catfish
May 8, 2012
Try one of the best recipes out there for fresh catfish
Pecan Walleye
May 2, 2012
Across much of Canada, the month of May heralds the open-water season for arguably the tastiest of our freshwater fish—walleye. And here’s a great recipe for making it even tastier. Serves: 4 3/4 cup pecans, toasted 1/4 cup softened butter Juice of 1/2 lemon Pinch...
Turkey Meatballs
Mar 27, 2012
Unlike the fine breast meat of wild turkeys, the legs and thighs are typically tough and sinewy. But with proper preparation, they can still be just as tasty. One great solution? Turkey meatballs and spaghetti. (You can also use duck...
Fish Tacos
Mar 5, 2012
For fans of Mexican food, this easy do-it-yourself feast is...
Jerk Venison Stew
Nov 17, 2011
If you like spicy food, Jamaican jerk seasoning is sure to put a tasty, fresh spin on your repertoire of venison dishes, whether you’re preparing antelope, caribou, deer, elk or moose. Serves: 4 1 tsp ground allspice Salt and black pepper to taste 1...
Smothered Fowl
Oct 4, 2011
This is a superb way to prepare wild pheasant, as well as grouse, quail, partridge and even rabbit (rear quarters and loins only). I like to serve this dish with wild rice, peas and crabapple jelly. Serves: 2-4 1 pheasant, dressed 1/2 cup...
Grandma's Grouse Pie
Oct 4, 2011
This isn’t so much a pie as it is a stew, but the baking powder biscuits certainly give it the look, feel and flavour of a good ol’ homemade meat pie. Of course, you can forgo the biscuits. Either way,
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