This disgusts me. And I’m absolutely livid about it.

Late last week, Outdoor Canada subscriber Chris Fry sent me these photos (at left, and below) of a pile of dead walleye on the banks of the Moira River in Belleville, Ontario. According to Chris, there were three big females in the heap, as well as several other fish, that hadn’t even been cleaned. All of them had spear holes, and they were covered in eggs.

“I am not going to rant on about the outrage I am feeling,” Chris wrote in an e-mail to me. “As an ethical sportsman, you know what I am feeling. I hope the magazine will share these photos.”

I know exactly how you feel Chris: this is an outrageous, senseless crime. These fish were on their spawning run up the Moira when they were speared and flung on the banks to rot. Why? It beggars the imagination.

Whoever did this must be found and charged. I don’t care who it is, from whatever community, whether they’re new Canadians, old Canadians, First Nations or otherwise. Not only were the fish on their spawning run, they weren’t even in season. Plus, they were speared. Worse, they were just left there, like so much garbage. There is no excuse for this. Our precious fisheries deserve far better.

Chris took these photos on April 20. If you have any idea who might have done this, please contact the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources TIPS Reporting Line: 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667).

Enough is enough with this kind of garbage. Let’s get these people. Chris, thanks for bringing this to our attention.