2013 summer checklist
Jul 16, 2013
Been there, done that? If you're looking for something new and different to do this summer, we've got you covered. Let our special guide help you take your hunting and fishing pursuits to a whole new level—and beyond. Explore. Experiment.
Expert advice for taking better trophy shots
Jul 22, 2013
Learn how to take awesome photos of your most memorable hunts
Foraging for food in August
Jul 22, 2013
Wild Rice (Zizania palustris) Description: Grass grain spe-cies, 4 to 10...
Foraging for food in July
Jul 17, 2013
Where to look for some of Canada's best wild edibles in July
How to grill fish whole
Jul 10, 2013
Nothing says summer like throwing an entire fish on the barby; especially if you caught it yourself
How to know when fish is fully cooked
Jul 10, 2013
A few tips for grilling fish so you can ensure it comes out just right
Drink a salmon martini
Jun 20, 2013
To make the most of your summer, add the Smoked Salmon Martini to your drink list
7 ways to make the most of summer
Jun 20, 2013
Awesome fishing and hunting ideas for taking advantage of the warm months ahead
2013 Photo Contest: The Winners
Jun 5, 2013
The winning outdoor images from our annual photo competition
Photo Contest 2013: Runners up
May 27, 2013
Some of your best shots from this year's Outdoor Canada Photo Contest
Hot to survive off a pine tree
Apr 9, 2013
How the bark, sap, needles, cones and seeds from the entire pine family can provide emergency nourishment
How to straighten mono
Apr 1, 2013
Find out why line twist happens, and how to fix it when it does
Video: How to fillet a trout
Mar 12, 2013
Looking to add a little finesse to your fillet skills? The Outdoor Canada team took to the water and brought back a few tips on how to masterfully fillet a trout. To find out how, check out the video below.
Winter safety and survival
Jan 16, 2013
Heading out into the cold? These articles will ensure your outdoor adventure runs smoothly in the winter season. How to avoid falling through the iceTen minutes. Fall through the ice and that's about all... Read More > Build the perfect campfireHow...
Angler and hunter resolution list
Jan 2, 2013
Every year, many of us set personal goals, whether it’s to catch more fish, get out on the water with family, do more to protect natural resources or perhaps something bigger, like land a float plane in an emergency. Sometimes...
Grill moose tenderloin over an open fire
Jan 2, 2013
Why this is a must-try for any big game hunter
How to get the most from your ice auger
Dec 17, 2012
From keeping the blade sharp to using the proper technique, here's how to cut holes without burning your auger out
Best practices for cleaning game
Oct 30, 2012
To stay safe and help officials gauge the state of our wildlife, follow these rules
Gallery: Planting a food plot
Oct 24, 2012
A step-by-step look at an innovative way to attract whitetails to your property
How to preserve a deer hide
Sep 11, 2012
If you discard the skin after field dressing a deer, you're missing out on a useful and unique hunting souvenir. Find out how to preserve it
Video: How to start a fire with hand sanitizer
Aug 30, 2012
Out of matches? Try hand sanitizer to start your next fire
Have the perfect long-weekend fish fry
Aug 21, 2012
The best way to celebrate the first long weekend of the season? A fantastic Victoria Day feast. Start your summer with the perfect shorelunch by following these great recipes and tips. Best 5 walleye recipesWant to share your catch? These tasty...
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