How to cut perfect fillets every time
May 5, 2011
Expert tips for prepping walleye, panfish, catfish and pike for the pan
How to make a trout pond
Jun 8, 2011
Want your very own trout paradise? Here's what to do€”and avoid
8 ways to avoid drowning while wading
Jun 8, 2011
While wading can get you in the best casting position, it can also get you into trouble. Here's how to avoid it
DIY survival kit
Jun 8, 2011
To be prepared, here's a list of survival items you should always carry in the wilderness with you
How to land a float plane
Jun 8, 2011
Follow these 8 steps to get yourself back on the water in an emergency
How to get lost for 4 days & live
Jun 8, 2011
Like any other skill, wilderness survival needs to be practised. Here's everything you'll need
7 ways to call for help in the wild
May 30, 2011
Canada's wilderness is bigger than most anglers and hunters think. Here's how to find your way out
9 nasty critters
Mar 28, 2011
How to avoid wicked wildlife that can put you at risk
7 survival supplies
Mar 28, 2011
Just a few of the resources that can help keep you safe
How to survive Canada's most dangerous hunt
Mar 28, 2011
Waterfowling is perhaps the most risky hunt of all. What to watch out for
Avoid being hit by lightning
Mar 28, 2011
The rule of thumb when it comes to thunderstorms is...
How to catch & release a shark
Mar 28, 2011
Here are the 5 things not to do when fishing for shark—if you want to live
How to unhook yourself
Mar 28, 2011
Two tried-and-true techniques for removing a hook from your flesh
9 ways to harm yourself
Mar 28, 2011
You’re on the lake and after a Thermos bottle of...
Sled safely: Expert tips to ensure you home from the hardwater
Feb 4, 2011
6 important steps that will keep you on the right side of the ice
Lifesaving lessons: How to avoid falling through the ice (and rescue yourself if you do go in)
Dec 8, 2010
If the unthinkable happens, and you break through the ice, here's how to get back out
How to survive 7 natural disasters
Nov 30, 2010
The scenario: When Oklahoma anglers Bernie Jackson, Stan Hollis and Dennis...
How to keep your gear sharp
Dec 14, 2007
The best & quickest methods for sharpening knives, blades, axes & fishing hooks
Build the perfect campfire
Jul 1, 2005
How to spend more time eating & relaxing, and less time struggling with kindling
First aid for your hunting dog
Nov 28, 2004
Our four-legged hunting companions will do just about anything for us, but that drive to please often forces them into hazardous situations. Whether they're tearing through a barbed-wire fence after a grouse or launching into frigid water...
First aid for Fido: Essentials
Sep 1, 2003
First off, you should talk to your vet about potential...
First aid for Fido: Injuries
Sep 1, 2003
How to treat your field pal for cuts, bites & more
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