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Why underwater cameras are your next great trolling tool
Apr 24, 2018
Watching fish actually strike your bait is incredibly informative (and entertaining!) Here’s how to do it
Ice-fishing Friday: These perch lures aren't nationally famous—but they should be
Mar 9, 2018
Beaded spoons (aka Russian hooks) trigger yellow perch bites like no other lure
Ice Fishing
Ice-fishing Friday: How to catch more fish by staying mobile—and organized
Feb 9, 2018
Essential tips for run-and-gun anglers—while on foot or using snow machines and ATVs
Ice Fishing
Outdoor Canada's top 10 fishing and hunting stories of 2017
Dec 30, 2017
Our most popular stories included walleye secrets, moose-hunting blunders, top tackle and, believe it or not, bananas
4 secrets for locating late-fall walleye, bass, northern pike, muskies and yellow perch
Nov 17, 2017
As water temperatures drop, the fish move—a lot. Here's how Gord Pyzer finds 'em
Early-season bass secrets from two up-and-coming Canadian pros
Jun 30, 2017
Teenage FLW Canada winners Cooper Gallant & Danny McGarry share their winning strategies
Bob Izumi's secret strategies for finding early-season hawg bass
Jun 23, 2017
How to crush both largemouth and smallmouth on opening day
How to hammer early-summer northern pike with glide baits
Jun 19, 2017
Trophy pike can’t resist big glide baits—if you know these tricks
How to catch more—and bigger!—walleye by casting artificial lures
Jun 2, 2017
Gord Pyzer shares his unconventional new strategy for fooling big ’eyes
4 reasons why now is the best time to catch giant muskie
Dec 12, 2016
There's never been a better time to dream about catching a record-breaking muskie. Here's why
Can’t get the fish to bite? It may be all in your head
Oct 29, 2015
Why confidence is the secret ingredient in angling, and how to get some
Have a glove affair with late-season canoe and kayak fishing
Oct 25, 2015
It's the secret to staying on the water until—or after!—the snow flies
Pro secret revealed: Fall’s biggest smallmouth want aggressive baits
Oct 16, 2015
Bob Izumi, Doug Stange and Gord Pyzer reveal a blockbuster new bass tactic
4 time-tested ways to land gator pike all season
Jul 1, 2015
Proven bait, tackle and tactics from a long-time northern pike tournament angler
Why side-scan sonar is rapidly becoming a must-have for serious anglers
Nov 19, 2014
Learn how to get the most out of this revolutionary high-tech angling aid
How to troll from a canoe
Jul 7, 2014
Mapping expert and hard-core angler Stephen Molson has developed a surefire system for catching trout and other species in backcountry lakes
How to properly handle and photograph fish
Jun 3, 2014
If you’re going to release a fish, you must do your best to ensure it survives. With that in mind, we've compiled the following articles on everything from proper fish handling to tips for taking better fish photos. Top 10...
Flipping and pitching: What you need to you know
May 27, 2014
The all-time best way to target largemouth bass in heavy cover and shallow water
Cranking chrome
May 27, 2014
For aggressive pre-spawn steelhead, nothing beats casting crankbaits to guarantee non-stop action
How to take the best fish photos possible
May 23, 2014
In the world of catch-and-release fishing, a good photograph can capture the moment-of-a-lifetime, whether it’s a first fish, a personal best or a new record
Best drive-to hot spots in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario
May 5, 2014
Outdoor Canada field editors, contributors and staff share their favourite angling destinations you can reach by road
Walleye tournament tricks
May 5, 2014
For a successful walleye opener, this father-daughter fishing duo sticks to a winning formula
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