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Sandbag secrets
May 1, 2013
Gord Pyzer talks about the most snag-resistant sinker you need to add to your tacklebox—before it's too late
How to catch largemouth bass on a topwater
Jun 6, 2013
When, where, and how to hook a hawg with a surface bait
Why it's the best time to catch giant smallies
Jun 2, 2013
Fishing editor Gord Pyzer explores the recent bass boom in Ontario
A guide to fishing post-spawn walleye
May 29, 2013
How to take advantage of this period, which provides anglers with an excellent opportunity to chase highly aggressive trophy-class walleye
The anatomy of a river
May 27, 2013
Catch more trout by studying and dissecting your favourite stream
3 tactics for catching bigger walleye in summer
May 21, 2013
Find out how to change things up to catch more and bigger fish in the summer months
How to use the most common line-to-lure connectors
May 13, 2013
Avoid tying on the incorrect attachment and hurting your chances of catching a fish
3 top spring fishing getaways
May 13, 2013
From coast to coast, here are some of the best fishing getaways in Canada right now
3 tactics for catching bigger walleye in spring
May 8, 2013
Don't get stuck on just one tactic. Here's how to change things up to catch more and bigger fish this season
The ultimate tackleboxes
May 6, 2013
Whether you’re targeting walleye, pike, lake trout or bass, we present the top lures you need to boost your chances for success out on the water. The ultimate pike fishing tackleboxFrom spoons to spinners to swimbaits, everything you'll ever need...
Bob Izumi: Flipping for largemouth bass
Apr 11, 2013
Famous angler Bob Izumi shares why you should be flipping for largemouth bass
Tips for hooking crappies at last ice
Apr 10, 2013
Still stuck on the ice? Here's how to increase your odds for catching crappie
In season: Spring
Apr 5, 2013
Trout takerFor early-season brookies, browns, ’bows and lakers, troll small...
Neighbourhood watch
Apr 4, 2013
How catching one species of fish can affect the activity of others
Aaron Martens: Drop shotting for bass
Apr 1, 2013
“If you’re not drop-shotting, you’re hurting yourself,” says Bassmaster Elite...
Paul Powis: Leadcore and deep-diving cranks for walleye
Apr 1, 2013
You will never hear legendary Lake Erie charter captain Paul...
John Butts: Trolling skinny water for walleye
Mar 28, 2013
This professional angler shares how to troll skinny water for walleye
Where to fish for walleye
Mar 28, 2013
Year after year we pick the best places to fish in Canada, sharing experts’, guides’ as well as our own favourite hidden gems. In time for walleye opener, we rounded up some of the best spots to catch the species.
Fish like a pro
Mar 28, 2013
From tying the perfect knot to knowing the proper way to unhook yourself, we've got the expert advice to make sure your day on the water goes perfectly, from start to finish. How to tie the ultimate fishing knotThe...
Marc Thorpe: Trolling the prop wash for muskies
Mar 19, 2013
Renowned guide Marc Thorpe on trolling the prop wash for muskies
Where hockey's hard-core anglers fish
Mar 12, 2013
6 pro players reveal their favourite Canadian waters
Spring 2013 getaways
Mar 10, 2013
Start your season off right with a trip to one of these top fishing destinations
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