As many of us have already witnessed, bucks’ aggressive mating displays can sometimes lead to tragedy. Just a couple of weeks ago, two hunters saved a trapped deer from drowning and now there's another amazing tale of averted tragedy.

This time, a group of hunters from Spokane, Washington, discover a pair of white-tail bucks fastened together at the head after a battle. The loser is already dead and half-eaten by a pack of coyotes. 

In this incredible YouTube video you'll see how the hunters quickly set to work, doing their best to separate a live whitetail buck from its already-dead rival before the pack of coyotes moves in again. 

While many Youtube commenters are either unsympathetic to or don't understand the connection hunters have with wildlife, this video is a great example of hunters with strong ethics who recognize the importance of conservation. Instead of collecting the animal's antlers and meat for themselves, they risk their own safety to save the buck's life.

So a tip of the hat to you gentlemen, for showing the internet that taking the time to catch your own meat isn't due to a lack of compassion for animals.