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Wild encounter between photographer and young bull elk
Nov 14, 2013
Anyone who’s ever driven through a national park in Canada has likely seen a similar sight— an ungulate grazing on the side of the road with a line of cars parked beside it. Drivers and passengers lean out the window,
From the archives: Record waiting time
Aug 19, 2014
Hunters know a thing or two about patience, but perhaps none more than Yukon guide Paul Deuling, who waited more than two decades to be recognized as the shooter of the world’s biggest mountain caribou. When Deuling first saw a...
Young anglers rescue drowning baby moose
Jul 31, 2014
A quartet of anglers fishing a lake near Thunder Bay caught a lot more than they bargained for this past spring. Their unexpected catch? Two baby moose.  On the Sunday of the May long weekend, Niall McKee, 25, and his friend...
Bad news bear gets head stuck in jar
Apr 28, 2014
A Lively, Ontario, resident recently reported a bear with its head stuck in a large plastic jar that had been used to store birdseed
What's in the box?
Mar 19, 2014
While I was never really big into comics as a kid, I did enjoy the occasional copy of Richie Rich, Captain Canuck, Archie, Mad Magazine, Spiderman, Captain America, Dynamite and…oh, who am I kidding? I liked comics. So, sue me. I...
Help solve the mystery of the bearded Canada goose!
Feb 26, 2014
Mystery surrounds the strange, beard-like growth on a Canada goose shot near Caledon, Ontario, in February 2013.
Owl attacks Nova Scotia hunter
Feb 18, 2014
A 58-year old lobster fisherman was walking to his truck when a large owl swooped down, smashed into his face, and knocked him over
Strange no-fishing sign at Sochi Olympics
Feb 4, 2014
Attention all outdoorsfolk attending the Sochi Olympics: Fishing in a toilet, with a fishing rod, is strictly forbidden. That’s the latest bit of news to come in advance of the 2014 Winter Olympics, kicking off February 7. According to a story in The...
Video: The perfect ice fishing prank
Dec 30, 2013
Who hasn't coaxed their buddy through a false fight with a fish before? I mean, it's all harmless fun, right? Apart from the fact that you may have dashed his dreams of landing a trophy-sized fish. The...
Video: Seal climbs into boat and onto hunter
Dec 22, 2013
It's one thing to see a seal while you're out on the ocean, but to have one climb into your boat with you? While it may seem unheard of, that's exactly what happened to a group of hunters out on...
Video: Hunters rescue whitetail deer from pack of coyotes
Dec 17, 2013
As many of us have already witnessed, bucks’ aggressive mating displays can sometimes lead to tragedy. Just a couple of weeks ago, two hunters saved a trapped deer from drowning and now there's another amazing tale of averted tragedy. This time,
Video: Angler stricken with terror as she reels in first salmon
Dec 16, 2013
If you were hiking around British Columbia's Squamish River earlier this year and heard screaming coming from the water, what would you think? That someone was drowning? That there was an unexpected wildlife encounter? What about a woman catching a...
New Brunswick man's custom-built outhouse stolen
Dec 10, 2013
Last week, a thief made a clean getaway with the 500-pound john
Bloated sperm whale blows up real good
Nov 27, 2013
The next time you’re griping about your job, stop for a moment, and think of marine biologist Bjarne Mikkelsen. When a sperm whale took its last sperm whale breath earlier this week, died, and washed up on a Faroe Island beach...
Video: Mouse versus cracker
Nov 5, 2013
And for today’s lesson in determination, I’d like to submit this video of a mouse trying to lift a cracker over a ledge. It’s been making the rounds on the Internet this week, and is honestly more entertaining than most...
Float-tube fisherman catches record-setting catfish after being dragged for a mile
Nov 4, 2013
Fisherman Gerard Smyth got more than he bargained for when he set out to catch a massive catfish from a float tube
Hunter missses moose, shoots man on toilet
Oct 25, 2013
Warning: The next time you’re in Norway and have to use the loo, you might want to wear a bulletproof vest
Video: Rutting elk chases motorcyclists down highway
Oct 16, 2013
Guest post by Jenna Wootton...
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