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Wild encounter between photographer and young bull elk
Nov 14, 2013
Anyone who’s ever driven through a national park in Canada has likely seen a similar sight— an ungulate grazing on the side of the road with a line of cars parked beside it. Drivers and passengers lean out the window,
Video: Mouse versus cracker
Nov 5, 2013
And for today’s lesson in determination, I’d like to submit this video of a mouse trying to lift a cracker over a ledge. It’s been making the rounds on the Internet this week, and is honestly more entertaining than most...
Float-tube fisherman catches record-setting catfish after being dragged for a mile
Nov 4, 2013
Fisherman Gerard Smyth got more than he bargained for when he set out to catch a massive catfish from a float tube
Hunter missses moose, shoots man on toilet
Oct 25, 2013
Warning: The next time you’re in Norway and have to use the loo, you might want to wear a bulletproof vest
Video: Rutting elk chases motorcyclists down highway
Oct 16, 2013
Guest post by Jenna Wootton...
Angler jumps overboard to revive 300-pound shark
Oct 7, 2013
Guest post by Jenna Wootton After pulling a massive shark into the boat, most anglers are pretty quick to carefully remove the hook or cut the line and let the beast swim away—after a few good trophy shots, of course. But using...
Camera strapped to eagle offers bird's-eye view of nature
Sep 20, 2013
For a bird’s-eye view, of, well, what it’s like to be an eagle soaring through the mountains of France, check out this incredible video. A bird trainer strapped a Go Pro camera to the bird’s back and the results are...
Let's pray this testicle-eating fish never makes it to Canada
Sep 10, 2013
A freshwater fish with eerily human-like teeth has recently been spotted in Paris
Fisherman narrowly avoids being speared by jumping marlin
Aug 29, 2013
Watch for flying.....marlin? While fishing recently in Dominican Republic, the crew of the Marlin Darlin fishing boat came about as close as you'd want to get to a jumping 160-kilogram marlin. The angler, Wahoo Barfield, was fighting the fish when...
Shark swallowed whole by a larger shark
Aug 21, 2013
Big fish eat little fish—it’s the way of the world, and one shark learned that the hard way
River otter attacks woman from Surrey, B.C.
Aug 14, 2013
Surrey resident Theresa Weltzin got into an underwater tussle with a river otter
Shark on a train
Aug 9, 2013
Even the jaded riders on NYC’s subway train must have been surprised by what they found last week
Wildlife cam captures bear dance party
Aug 8, 2013
Guest post by Jeb Roberts Sifting though wildlife footage might be fun for some, but for rangers like Alberta’s Glenn Naylor, who sets up cameras throughout the province’s parks, endless hours of wind-rustled leaves can probably get a bit tedious. So imagine...
Man allegedly dumps skunk in gas station bathroom
Aug 2, 2013
When right-minded people get into an argument, they usually come to some kind of civil resolution—either to accept each other’s opinion and move on, or work towards a compromise. That’s apparently not so in Middlesboro, Kentucky. After curiously-coiffed Kevin Kibert...
Wheelchair-bound angler catches 250-pound shark
Jul 29, 2013
With some help from a few family and friends, this angler managed the catch of a lifetime
Close encounter with swimming cougar caught on video
Jul 29, 2013
Guest post by Jenna Wootton It's not often you come back from a fishing trip and your buddies aren't interested in hearing about the fish. That has been the case, however, for Powell River resident Todd Culos who recently had a rare,
Cottonmouth snake bites noodler
Jul 15, 2013
20-year-old Destry Mitchell is going to start fishing with a rod and reel for now on
Crazy animal encounters
Jul 15, 2013
A beaver brutally attacks a fisherman in Minsk; A whitetail knocks out a Beach Boys concert-goer; A drunk man feeds barbecue to a black bear; and a fireworks truck hits a moose crossing the highway. Read more about these and...
200-year-old fish caught off the coast of Alaska
Jul 5, 2013
A Seattle man recently caught a record-breaking fish estimated at more than two centuries old
How to stay dry forever
Jun 26, 2013
If it works, this could save a lot of old raingear and camping equipment
Bear mauls drunk man after eating his barbecue
Jun 21, 2013
The perfect example of why you should never combine beer, bears, and barbecued meat
Mossy Oak launches new camo into the atmosphere
Jun 14, 2013
On June 5, the camo company literally launched its new pattern, Blades, into the atmosphere
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