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Gannet gets caught and released
May 13, 2013
Ontario photographer Kristi McLenaghan was taking photos of her family jigging for mackerel in New Brunswick when they made an unexpected catch
Fireworks truck hits moose
Jun 11, 2013
If ever there were an extraordinary warning to drivers to be aware of animals on the highway, this is it
Beaver attacks and kills man
Jun 9, 2013
A fisherman trying to get a photo with a beaver was brutally attacked and killed
Whitetail knocks out Beach Boys fan
Jun 7, 2013
It was anything but “Fun, Fun, Fun” for one Beach Boys concert-goer in southwest Iowa who was hit in the face by a whitetail
Grizzly bear trashes SUV
May 23, 2013
If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if a three-year-old grizzly got trapped inside an SUV, read this
Moose wanders into B.C. grocery store
Apr 15, 2013
See a video of a fully-grown moose wandering through the grocery store's produce section
Another kind of roadside diner
Apr 8, 2013
Check out this video of 73-year-old Arthur Boyt: collector, cooker and eater of roadkill
Caught on video: Largemouth eating bucketmout bass
Apr 4, 2013
One angler recently encountered a largemouth bass eating a bucketmouth of similar size
Dancers step it up at Toronto International Boat Show
Mar 28, 2013
The Toronto International Boat Show isn’t the first place you’d expect to see an impromptu dance performance, but that's exactly what happened this year!
Just say no to hardwater drugs
Mar 15, 2013
Warning to ice fishing tournament anglers with Olympic aspirations: Stay off the juice. According to a recent story in the New York Times, ice fishing is being considered in a long-shot bid to get into the Winter Games, and the...
REALLY great horned owl has will to survive
Feb 13, 2013
In one quick and unexpected maneuver, an owl avoids becoming roadkill
Lake Ontario ice anglers fish shirtless
Jan 31, 2013
Last weekend, more than 20 men took part in the Merland Park Ice Fishing Derby, which challenges ice anglers to participate shirtless
Hardwater follies
Jan 7, 2013
Guys on Ice is a theatre production featuring two fishing buddies hanging out in an ice hut talking (and singing) about life and drinking beer.
Catfish develop taste for pigeon
Dec 10, 2012
Researchers have recently published reports of big catfish lunging onto riverbanks to grab pigeons that gather there to drink and clean
Big cat enters home
Nov 29, 2012
Thinking about installing a pet door for your four-legged friend? You might want to think twice if you live in cougar country
Cormorant takes up photography
Nov 16, 2012
A Saskatoon angler who dropped his camera overboard eight months ago is getting his photos back with some help from a very unlikely source—a cormorant
Bad taxidermy
Nov 1, 2012
Planning to get a mount made of your quarry this season? Show some examples to your taxidermist as a reference for what not to do
95-year-old woman bags first moose with one shot
Oct 1, 2012
Laura Wood of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia nailed the moose on the last day of her hunt
It's a pike-eat-duck world
Sep 7, 2012
We've heard of a turducken, but what would you call a duck stuffed in a pike?
Inventive way to transport game
Aug 29, 2012
Without a doubt, getting a downed animal quickly and safely out of the woods can be a challenge, especially in areas where ATVs are prohibited. Leave it to resourceful hunters for creative solutions to the problem. If you're facing a...
Robodeer's Revenge
Aug 10, 2012
Ever wonder how the robotic animals that wildlife officers use to catch poachers are created? These videos, from Vice Media, show how talented taxidermists turn their creations into enforcement tools. The mini-documentaries are part of a series Vice put together...
Drugged-up B.C. Fishing Captain Threatens to Kill Crew
Aug 2, 2012
It's no secret that commercial fishing can be a perilous life. Just ask the guys from that Deadliest Catch T.V. show. The rough, freezing water, the long days of hard work and then, of course, there's the cocaine-addled captains threatening...
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