While I was never really big into comics as a kid, I did enjoy the occasional copy of Richie Rich, Captain Canuck, Archie, Mad Magazine, Spiderman, Captain America, Dynamite and…oh, who am I kidding? I liked comics. So, sue me. I was a kid. Anyway, what I liked nearly as much as the stories were the ads, especially those in the back. This one was one of my favourites:

 Fun Factory Gifts and Gimmicks

Why did I like it so much? I think it was the the vast potential for amusement available from that one garishly-designed page. I mean, imagine what you could see with those x-ray glasses? (Pause for effect). And how about the money maker?  Surely, no wrong could come of that. Arrow though the head? Pure comedy!

While I did once order some little green army men from another ad, I never used up any allowance money for the novelty gags. Still, the fact that they existed—available to me if I put $1.75 in an envelope and popped it in the mail—made me happy.

I was likewise happy to recently learn of a monthly subscription service called Mystery Tackle Box. As you might guess, subscribers to the service get lures or tackle items in the mail every month. It’s like a cake-of-the-month club, only better. The company promises that all of the boxes have at least $15 of product and they ship for free—to Canada, too. Currently, the lures are primarily for freshwater bass fishing, but plans are reportedly in the works to include lures for other species, and for saltwater, too. 

I haven’t yet subscribed but the idea that someone out there is getting boxes of fishing fun in the mail makes my day better. By the way, I’ve got no affiliation with this company. One of its funny ads just caught my eye. Have a look.