Gord Pyzer’s 12 all-time greatest winter walleye tips


Jigging minnows are the most versatile walleye offerings


I never go ice fishing for walleye without at least one rod rigged with a horizontal jigging minnow, such as the Rapala Jigging Rap, Acme Hyper-Glide (above) or Freedom Tackle Turnback Shad. If you forced me to ice fish for walleye with only one set-up, in fact, that’s what I’d choose. Why? Unlike few other baits, the jigging minnow is extremely versatile. You can jig it aggressively as you search for fish, for example, and when you call one in, you can slow down and quiver the bait to trigger a bite. And for the deadliest winter walleye lure of all time, remove the belly treblehook, add a Fastach clip to the hanger, skewer a minnow head onto the hook shank and attach it to the clip. Just don’t overwork it—even when you’re holding your rod motionless, the lure will still perform its magic.