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3 Fantastic Fall Getaways for Canadian Big-game Hunters

Big-game Getaways

Take Aim at Southwestern Alberta Mulies, Northern Ontario Moose and Woodland Caribou in Newfoundland

USFWS Mountain-Prairie
USFWS Mountain-Prairie

Porcupine Hills

This rolling landscape in southwestern Alberta is home to some of North America’s finest mule deer hunting, with excellent elk and whitetail opportunities as a bonus. The hidden valleys and pristine native habitat ensure the mulies are plentiful and grow to trophy sizes. You can arrange a hunt through the Alberta Professional Outfitter’s Society.

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Ken Bailey

Ken Bailey

An all-around hunter, Ken Bailey enjoys pursuing waterfowl the most. Based in Edmonton, Outdoor Canada's longtime hunting editor Ken Bailey has hunted every major Canadian game animal, in every corner of the country. For many years, he’s shared his deep knowledge of game behaviour, and wide expertise with all manner of firearms with OC's readers. His work has been recognized numerous times by both the Outdoor Writers of Canada and the National Magazine Awards. Ken is a committed conservationist, dedicated to habitat preservation, sustainable harvests, and passing along our hunting heritage to the next generation. He's also an avid fly fisherman, and a pretty darn good game chef.

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