Hot shots

Photographic memories of fun days afield

Want to share a photo of your fishing and hunting accomplishments? Post it on our Trophy Wall, along with a good story, and we’ll highlight our favourites here.

3Chase Stewner

Chase Stewner and his father were fishing near Point du Bois, Manitoba, when this 32-inch walleye took his jig. Stewner says his dad has been fishing in the area for 50 years and has never seen—or even heard of—a greenback that big.

5Natalie Hathaway

After four years of fishing for walleye in Ontario’s Bay of Quinte, Natalie Hathaway finally joined the 10-pound club. Near the end of a slow day, she landed this lunker at dusk and released it after snapping the photo.

2Tanner Sadler

Tanner Sadler of Clinton, B.C., won’t forget November 28th any time soon. That’s the day he shot his first white-tailed buck—this beautiful 6x6 that he dropped at 300 yards.

1Jake Farrell

“An early snowfall in Alberta won’t stop me from catching some big walleye,” says angler Jake Farrell, who landed his personal best walleye on this frosty day.