Fishing Key West: Sweat, blood, slime, blender drinks and shark attacks
Mar 2, 2015
OC's Scott Gardner was on an angling losing streak, until he hit Florida. Hear how Florida hit back.
Ice-fishing Friday: Perch pretender for trophy lake trout
Feb 27, 2015
Target big lakers by fishing gaudy perch-hued baits around shallow points and coves
Ice Fishing
Pro tips: essential gear and tactics for big winter pike
Feb 23, 2015
A veteran of many ice-fishing tournaments shares his top tips for icing trophy northerns
Ice Fishing
Ice-fishing Friday: Deft drop-shotting for walleye, trout, perch and panfish
Feb 20, 2015
This winter, try a drop-shot rig through the ice to finesse light biters
Ice Fishing
Why you’re not truly ice fishing unless your fingers are freezing
Feb 16, 2015
An homage to one of winter’s underappreciated joys: cold hands
Ice Fishing
Ice fishing Friday: Lose the line twist, catch more... everything
Feb 13, 2015
Want to hook 30 per cent more perch, crappie, rainbows, brookies and walleye? Try a fly-style reel
Ice Fishing
Beyond tarpon: Exploring Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast
Feb 9, 2015
In Tortuguero, fishing isn’t the only game in town. Shopping, spas, blender drinks, beaches and eco-tours, anyone?
Great winter escapes: A his-and-hers fishing (and more) trip to Costa Rica
Feb 9, 2015
You want to fish for tarpon. Your significant other just wants to escape winter. One couple did both at the Canadian-owned Toucan & Tarpon Lodge
Ice fishing Friday: Deadly droppers for panfish and whitefish
Feb 6, 2015
Coax reluctant perch, crappie, bluegills and whitefish into biting with the simple, lethal Michigan rig
Ice Fishing
Ice fishing Friday: Jolting jigs for northern pike
Jan 30, 2015
During the first half of the season, snap heavy horizontal swimming lures to ice monster gators
Ice Fishing
Ice fishing Friday: Potent pivot to supercharge your spoons
Jan 23, 2015
Gord Pyzer’s deadly tackle tweak for hooking those lethargic winter biters
Ice Fishing
Ice fishing Friday: Fatal flashers for lake trout
Jan 16, 2015
Gord Pyzer explains how to land trophy lakers by adding simple spinner blades to your bait
Ice Fishing
Ice fishing Friday: To land a wintertime trophy, try a “fished out” lake
Jan 9, 2015
If someone tells you a lake is fished out, Gord Pyzer says you should thank 'em for the new hot spot. Seriously!
Ice Fishing
Why every fly angler needs a Sex Dungeon (fly)
Jan 7, 2015
The sexy articulated streamer that can help you seduce the biggest fish
Fly Fishing
Why the Fish’n Canada crew loves to ice-fish Ontario’s Muskoka lakes
Jan 5, 2015
Lake Joseph is known for ritzy cottages, but the real riches are under the ice
Ice Fishing
Three winter fishing and hunting getaways for 2015
Dec 29, 2014
Plan a visit to north-western Ontario for slab crappies, Manitoba’s hottest jumbo perch lake or prime wolf country in Alberta’s Eastern Slopes
Vancouver Island's Fantastic Lake Fishing
Dec 16, 2014
B.C.’s beautiful Vancouver Island is known for its great river and saltwater angling, but don’t overlook the freshwater lakes
Why fixing our troubled lakes and rivers means first fixing the land
Nov 24, 2014
Canada’s rivers and lakes are telling us their watersheds are sick, but we aren’t listening.
Why side-scan sonar is rapidly becoming a must-have for serious anglers
Nov 19, 2014
Learn how to get the most out of this revolutionary high-tech angling aid
Tips & Tactics
Why the autumn walleye baits you’re using are way too small
Nov 12, 2014
To attract and catch lunker late-season ’eyes, think big. really big.
How to fly cast in the wind
Nov 3, 2014
Tricks to keep you casting effectively, even on the most blustery days
Fly Fishing
Top muskie anglers share their secret surface-fishing tips
Oct 20, 2014
There’s nothing more exciting in all of freshwater fishing than...
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