Vancouver Island's Fantastic Lake Fishing
Dec 16, 2014
B.C.’s beautiful Vancouver Island is known for its great river and saltwater angling, but don’t overlook the freshwater lakes
Why fixing our troubled lakes and rivers means first fixing the land
Nov 24, 2014
Canada’s rivers and lakes are telling us their watersheds are sick, but we aren’t listening.
Why side-scan sonar is rapidly becoming a must-have for serious anglers
Nov 19, 2014
Learn how to get the most out of this revolutionary high-tech angling aid
Tips & Tactics
Why the autumn walleye baits you’re using are way too small
Nov 12, 2014
To attract and catch lunker late-season ’eyes, think big. really big.
How to fly cast in the wind
Nov 3, 2014
Tricks to keep you casting effectively, even on the most blustery days
Fly Fishing
Top muskie anglers share their secret surface-fishing tips
Oct 20, 2014
There’s nothing more exciting in all of freshwater fishing than...
Video: On the water with the Outdoor Canada team
Oct 7, 2014
The Outdoor Canada crew hit the water aboard their fishing boat
Thinking outside the box for Rice Lake smallmouth
Sep 22, 2014
Wind. It’s blown ships across oceans, propelled balloons around the world, lifted the kites and hearts of bored children…and made life miserable for countless anglers. That’s what I was thinking as our boat was blown off our Rice Lake hot spot for the...
Three summer getaways
Aug 20, 2014
A trio of fishing spots to try in Alberta, Ontario and Newfoundland
Secrets of setting the hook with a fly rod
Jul 21, 2014
Are you doing the Bubba Heave? If so, you’re missing fish
Fly Fishing
OC Outdoors: Hefty trout at Silent Lake Provincial Park
Jul 14, 2014
Associate editor Scott Gardner lives it up in a yurt, enjoys the scenery and chases lakers
How to troll from a canoe
Jul 7, 2014
Mapping expert and hard-core angler Stephen Molson has developed a surefire system for catching trout and other species in backcountry lakes
Tips & Tactics
Do you need a shallow water anchor?
Jul 7, 2014
This piece of gear is ideal for anglers who regularly fish in water less than 12 feet deep
How to target hard-fighting shad
Jun 16, 2014
For this Down East fishery, late spring is prime time
OC Outdoors: A steelhead adventure on Vancouver Island
Jun 16, 2014
Associate editor Scott Gardner fishes B.C. for the first time. Here’s why he’ll be going back—soon
The wet-fly swing: a simple and classic fly fishing technique
Jun 16, 2014
Try this technique for a fast, efficient way to cover large sections of river
Fly Fishing
How to properly handle and photograph fish
Jun 3, 2014
If you’re going to release a fish, you must do your best to ensure it survives. With that in mind, we've compiled the following articles on everything from proper fish handling to tips for taking better fish photos. Top 10 tips...
Tips & Tactics
Steelhead secret
May 27, 2014
For aggressive pre-spawn steelhead, nothing beats casting crankbaits to guarantee non-stop action
Tips & Tactics
Targeting largemouth bass in heavy cover and shallow water
May 27, 2014
Flipping and pitching are two of the most popular techniques on the pro bass tournament circuit, and for good reason—there are simply no better ways to target big largemouth bass in heavy cover and shallow water. Even if you never...
Tips & Tactics
How to take the best fish photos possible
May 23, 2014
In the world of catch-and-release fishing, a good photograph can capture the moment-of-a-lifetime, whether it’s a first fish, a personal best or a new record
Tips & Tactics
Best drive-to hot spots in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario
May 5, 2014
Outdoor Canada field editors, contributors and staff share their favourite angling destinations you can reach by road
Tips & Tactics
Walleye tournament tricks
May 5, 2014
For a successful walleye opener, this father-daughter fishing duo sticks to a winning formula
Tips & Tactics
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