Ice-fishing Friday: Want to land more lakers, walleye, pike and perch? Stop jigging!
Feb 17, 2017
When used correctly, a deadstick rod is lethal. Here’s what you need to know
Ice Fishing
Ice-fishing Friday: The trick that landed Bob Izumi his biggest ever pike
Feb 10, 2017
Gord Pyzer reveals the secret to finding those special spots where the lunkers lurk
Ice Fishing
How to catch your first bonefish on the fly (and on a budget)
Feb 8, 2017
Tips for average the Canuck angler with dreams of landing a grey ghost
Ice-fishing Friday: Why dark skies mean hot action for pike, walleye and perch
Feb 3, 2017
How to take advantage when the winter weather turns dreary
Ice Fishing
Ice-fishing Friday: Why you need to use the Goldilocks hardwater bait
Jan 27, 2017
Both big and small baits work—sometimes. Here’s how to find the size that’s just right
Ice Fishing
8 outstanding new fly-tying tools, vises, kits and more
Jan 25, 2017
With these new accessories, it won’t take long to restock your fly boxes this winter
Fly Fishing
How to go after Ontario steelhead all season long (including winter!)
Jan 24, 2017
Chromer expert shares his secrets for centrepin, bottom bouncing and lure techniques
Ice-fishing Friday: Why you need to start using use lighter ice line
Jan 21, 2017
Not getting bites? It might be your line. Here’s why you need to lighten up
Ice Fishing
Looking for a new fly rod? Here's what you need to consider
Jan 16, 2017
Fly rods can be complicated, but these tips will help you land the perfect stick
Fly Fishing
Ice-fishing Friday: How to lure in more fish with sound
Jan 13, 2017
During hardwater season, sound matters a lot more than you think. Here's why
Ice Fishing
Ice-Fishing Friday: 5 wicked whitefish tips from one of Canada’s top ice anglers
Jan 6, 2017
John Whyte's hardwater secrets about whitefish depth, location, timing and techniques
Ice Fishing
2017 Fishing & Hunting Times
Jan 3, 2017
For the best times to fish and hunt, consult our handy solunar charts
Why TV's Fish'n Canada Show loves filming-and fishing-on Lake of the Woods
Jan 2, 2017
Sprawling Manitoba-Minnesota-Ontario lake is a wintertime fish factory
Ice-fishing Friday: How to hammer first-ice walleye
Dec 30, 2016
For some of winter’s best walleye action, take advantage of the unique early-season conditions
Ice Fishing
Ice-fishing Friday: Why Canadians are so passionate about hitting the hardwater
Dec 23, 2016
In the dead of winter, there’s still plenty of life below the ice
Ice Fishing
Why Guatemala may be the world’s hottest sailfish destination
Dec 20, 2016
Great climate and better fishing make it an ideal getaway winter-weary Canuck anglers
Ice-fishing Friday: The best new hardwater gear for Canadian anglers
Dec 16, 2016
Stay cozy and safe, and put more fish on the ice with this tackle, apparel, tools and accessories
Ice Fishing
10 excuses for finishing dead last in P.E.I.'s Canada International Tuna Cup Challenge
Dec 13, 2016
Sometimes fishing for the East Coast’s mighty Bluefin can be a humbling experience
4 reasons why now is the best time to catch giant muskie
Dec 12, 2016
There's never been a better time to dream about catching a record-breaking muskie. Here's why
Tips & Tactics
How to extend your trout season by fishing for the West's big, strong bulls
Dec 8, 2016
After many famed waters have closed, you can still rope in feisty bull trout
3 amazing ways that fly fishing makes you a better all-around angler
Dec 5, 2016
These fly-fishing skills will help everyone catch more fish—anytime and anywhere
Fly Fishing
How studying current will help you consistently catch monster muskies
Nov 21, 2016
Go with the flow to find these toothy predators—in both lakes and rivers
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